Feeling the need to rant a bit about TMobile. I've been with them since day one for cell service.

In September of last year, we went into their store to inquire about my daughter's account (she is on my plan). She was hoping to either upgrade her phone or switch to her father's plan. We were told by the store clerk that she was eligible to switch on October 20th. She checked with her dad and it was determined that she could get a better deal by switching.

Just to be safe, she waited to switch until October 28th. A few weeks passed and I got a text message from TMobile indicating my bill was past due and needed to be paid. I went online and discovered my balance was significantly higher than normal. This led to a call to their customer service line.

I was told that I was charged a hefty "early termination" fee for Morgan's line. I was outraged. I explained that we went into the store before she switched just to be certain this wouldn't happen. The person I spoke with transferred me to a supervisor then it was taken ever further up to a manager.

The end result, they refused to credit this back to my account and I was stuck paying. I was furious.

And, I'm stuck with them until my other 3 lines are up for renewal when, you can bet, I will be switching to someone who wants my business and employs people who are trained in what they are selling and DO NOT misinform their customers. THE END.

Review about: Tmobile Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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