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So - shopping around for a pre paid plan/roaming internet we ended up in the King of Prussia mall outside Philadelphia - me and my wife (we are a mixed race couple).

It was a day before christmas - stores to be closing at about 6 pm, my first reaction was disbelief given everything was to be in lockdown for a couple days afterwards THEY had to be open until 12! If you dont remember, Christmas 2011 befell Sunday.

Anyways, the reason behind shopping at the mall was that I could compare ATT/TMobile/Verizon and there was also the Clear guy probably at every extrance and exit. I could have it all.

My reason for taking a recourse from my work at this time - and watching TV, was to share something I encountered at the T-Mobile store, where a person named, "Matt" works. Im not sure if he's manager there (Heavens forbid).

Im used to "us" getting looks, people are curious about how do we stay as us, but that happens when Im looking for cheap furniture as a graduate student - not when Im in a shop, where I would expect my business is sought.

But my experience at this particular store was "enchantingly nasty". When me and my wife walked up to the counter maintaining eye contact with this guy Matt - he is heavy set, with his badge displayed widely across his broad shoulders (he was looking from me to my wife and then back to me), he plainly looked away, like we were invisible people. Im quite tan and she is white. But we were invisible to Matt for about 3-4 very awkward seconds. There was noone else in the store that was anywhere near the counter. Finally, maybe my slight frame appeared larger than an elephant to Matt because he spat dryly, "c'n I -elp you?". It sounded more like, "get out of here".

Me: "Well,...Im.....prepaid...blah blah"

Upon this, Matt reached over to a stack and handed me a printed paper with plans on it and helpingly, "here you go".

This is not the only place Im posting this becasue I invested my time penning this and wasted my time visiting that store. No apologies for being angry =)

We exchanged looks - and left without uttering another word.

Could someone channel this complaint to the right person at TMobile. Were talking about the most relevant store in Philly probably: KOP and I do not even know where to submit this.

Review about: Tmobile Manager.

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