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Update by user Mar 18, 2016

GRANDMA NEEDS HELP ... I'm not a lawyer, just a single mom who raised four kids working for them.

When so many are unhappy with cell phone, cable tv, internet service and their BS ... i.e., "sign up now and receive a $??? visa card", "sign up now for only $29.99 per month for XXX years, guaranteed" ... "quote: $78 per month" ...

"switch carriers and we'll buy out your old provider contract" ... but does it ever turn out to be what they are promising?

Please, on behalf of those of us who simply can't afford those "surprise" bills (and even those who can but don't like being deceived), won't you please help me make them accountable? Thanks for your attention and support.

Update by user Mar 18, 2016

CALL TO ACTION: PLEASE, IF ANYONE HERE BELIEVES THEY HAVE BEEN A VICTIM OF T MOBILE and/or any other telecommunications provider (as yet unnamed) ... WHETHER BY MISREPRESENTATION, OVER-BILLING, FALSE ADVERTISING, BAIT-AND-SWITCH, FAILURE TO PERFORM and/or PROVIDE, MALFEASANCE, DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES, THEFT BY DECEPTION (included but not limited to) and/or any other reason to seek justice, I invite you to join me here.

Please read my initial review and if you, as I, see the lack of responsibility, recompense, conscience and/or good faith by T mobile (and/or any other telecommunications provider as yet unnamed) , I ask you to please comment so that I might reach out to you in an attempt to, as some might say, "rally the forces" to bring down these criminals. We all know that if caught stealing, the full force of the law would be brought as it should be. Why then, are these people allowed to lie, cheat and steal? I'm sorry ...

but if it takes a disabled old lady to sound the call to arms, then I say "CHARGE!". I hope to hear from you but not because you think you might become rich on a court settlement (not likely to happen) but because it's the right thing to do. This quote (and/or any derivatives thereof) have been unofficially attributed to many, my favorite being Edmund Burke (1729-1797) so I use the quotation in literal context only, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Please help me stop this blatant abuse by telecommunication companies to restrict our choices, impose their restrictions, limit our options and then allow their competitors (aka, partners in crime) to propose a solution ...go from the frying pan into the fire thereby creating a never-ending supply of potential new dupes. How many of us have to be victims of this ongoing travesty?

I could use your help. Thanks for reading.

Original review posted by user Mar 15, 2016

On March 5, 2016, I called the T Mobile Sales Department for information regarding their ZTE Falcon Z-917 mobile hotspot. I was looking to find an internet solution so my grandchildren would be able to access the internet for their homework.

I had done a great deal of research and found that the ZTE Falcon was the newest and most reliable. Not being a techie myself, I relied heavily on the information supplied by the agent. He patiently answered my questions and seemed knowledgeable in an area I was not. After over an hour on the phone, I placed an order for the Falcon Z-917.

He said he would expedite shipping and to expect the equipment Monday, Tuesday at the latest. On Monday (3/7/16) I got into my email and opened an order confirmation from T Mobile. The first thing I noticed was that the equipment was be shipped standard ... not expedited as promised.

Then, I saw that the equipment itself was not the new Falcon Z-917 but the two-year-plus old ZTE MF64. I was extremely upset. I had taken notes the entire duration of the sales call and knew I had been lied to. At the same time, I received notice that my bank account had been charged $94.98, the agree-to amount, for the Z-917, that is.

Total order breakdown was $49.99 for the MF64, $20 for the starter kit and $20 for an internet line deposit ... $89.99 plus $4.99 sales tax. When I placed the order, there was no distinction between the MF-64 and the starter kit, I was simply told $69.99 for equipment, again, I was ordering the Z-917. Also, I was told that there would be a $35 per month subscription fee which sort-of made sense.

I was under the impression that these mobile hotspots just attracted (for lack of a better word) wifi from the universe and delivered it to a designated location. In my case, to my grandchildren. So, I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but that was why I spent so much time on the phone asking questions before I placed the order ... what a mistake.

Apparently, I was being played by a crafty, unscrupulous *** artist ... shame on him! Well, then the fun starts with T Mobile and customer service ... oops!

now there's a conflict in terms! I immediately called to cancel the whole thing ... equipment, service, whatever and told them to give me my money back. I was transferred from person to person, department to department for days.

I've logged over 7 hours over the past week trying to get my money back to no avail. I was told that when the equipment arrived (4-7 days), I should just refuse the package. When they received the package back they would initiate a return procedure (another 7 days) and I could expect my refund 10 to 14 days after that. Keep in mind that I never received tracking information but by calling their order tracking department this afternoon, I found out they have the equipment back.

When asked about my refund, I was transferred to sales and was told a credit had been initiated for the return in the amount of $53.55. When I asked about the other $40, I was told I had to talk to the "Care Department" (no joke) so before being transferred, I asked for a breakdown of the $53.44. Sable (rep) told me it was for the equipment plus tax. I asked her to back up ...

the order clearly states $49 for the hotspot and $20 for the starter kit, which I believe would have been shipped together, consequently returned together. I reminded her that the equipment left T Mobile, was picked up and returned "declined" via UPS. No one opened, tampered with or removed anything from the package so why would I have to talk to another department about something (by their own description "SIM Starter Kit - Includes your T-Mobile SIM Card which allows you to access the T-Mobile network." that would have been packaged with the hotspot itself? No answer, just that I'd have to talk to the Care Department.

Well, Yna at the Care Department doesn't have a clue and she said she can't access the order information because she isn't in the sales department. The best she can do is have someone give me a call back within three business days to answer these questions. I told her that I was tired of being transferred around without anyone taking responsibility and that I was preparing a fraud complaint for the Attorneys' General of both Washington and New Mexico (true) at which point she said that T Mobile doesn't condone any fraud and she would initiate a review by their Fraud Department to find who was responsible. I couldn't believe it!

I told her T Mobile was responsible for the fraud, no disinterested third party did anything ... didn't she hear a word I said??? Well, at this point it remains to be seen. I'm joining this site so hopefully I'll be able to update on progress.

At one point, they even transferred me to a Customer Loyalty Department ... irreputable business but at least they have a sense of humor.

One last note, in one of my many go-rounds with them, I found out that the Z-917 was actually out of stock ... on the day of the order, on that day and no one could say when they would be back in stock so how's that for bait and switch?

gypsygram wrote the review because of order processing issue at Tmobile. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Tmobile to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was dealing with liars. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Tmobile and tmobile phone service for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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yestoday i was gonna order tablet 4g plan, i asked the represent. that if i can use it on my smart phone, she said yes.

i double checked all over the place and found out that using tablet 4g sim card on a smart phone is not legal in t mobile's term. so *** all the represent.


It's really, really important for everyone who's had a horrible T-Mobile experience to report it to the FTC. The FTC can and does make them pay: https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2014/12/t-mobile-pay-least-90-million-including-full-consumer-refunds

Posting on these sites do offer a way for those of us who've had a horrific experience to band together.

Yes, it takes some time to file a complaint but it might be the best way to take action.

I have filed complaints and urge you to do so as well.

to Anonymous #1133418

Thanks for the info ... and I appreciate you taking the time.

I'll keep the site updated. Regards.

Destin, Florida, United States #1128726

I had the same kind of experience. I spent several hours speaking with several "technical" people about the hotspot product.

T-Mobile did not have any in stock so they told me to go to walmart to purchase, which I did. Got home called, established account provide credit card number and asked to be transfered to technical support to set it up. Upon reaching tech support I was told that it would not work with the "binge on" product, which I had asked at least 12 different people at T-mobile before I purchased. I know that T-mobile staff do not know their own products.

In any case it would not work, so canceled with T=mobile within one hour of signing up. I was able to return the hotspot to walmart with no issues but was waiting for T-mobile to reverse the charges on my credit card which they promised several times to do. It did not happen and I called cc company to dispute and put a stop on any further T-mobile charges. I also kept notes on individuals names and what they said.

T-mobile keeps getting worse and falsely advertises on their own web site.

to no-t-mobile Minnesota, United States #1129700

Thanks for the verification ... sometimes customer service reps make us feel like we're from another planet and never more so than this ongoing issue with TMobile..

I've not heard anything but a further review of other complaints against them on this site leads me to a disturbing conclusion ... they lie, cheat and steal with impunity. In addition to filing the complaints as stated in my original post, I feel compelled to take further action and pursue a class-action legal claim.

Toward that end, it is my intention to contact - or at least attempt to contact - every person who has initiated a complaint against T Mobile in this forum or any other I can locate. They are just plain wrong and someone - we all - should stand together and say "no more." I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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