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A third-party company, Bullroar, charged my cell phone in February without my permission. I've been fighting with T-Mobile to remove this charge.

THEY REFUSED to remove it. Called back today, I got an excuse that they have "˜applied for a refund', but I can't get this unless the other company sends it to T-Mobile. This is indeed bullroar! Both of these companies have CHEATED me!

I've been a customer of these fools (T-Mobile) for over 6 years.

Their service has gone to *** in the last year. They DO NOT VALUE THEIR CUSTOMERS!!!

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These are cramming charges. You have to have T-mobile place 3rd party block on your account.

T-mobile would only refund me $50 of $90. Make sure to CHECK your bill each month. Will only remove up to 3 months. Cell phone co's r making massive profits off this scam.

AT&T was the worst offender, paid a fine. Google "cell phone company 3rd party cramming charges".

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