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I have contacted tmobile store and customer care and their own customer loyalty department. i was told that their Internet plug in was the best in the area and i used it in our first location 18411 crenshaw blvd suite 210 Torrance ca 90504.

the service was not good lots of disconnects and low connection speeds. T Mobile informed me that it was the building i was in but the area was good after a tower service inspection.. Recently we moved out to a building at 18051 crenshaw blvd suite B Torrance ca 90504. after experiencing the same problem i contacted tmobile tech support and the loyalty unit.

after being a customer since 2003 i was told that another tower service check was going to be made and to call back again in a few days. upon calling back now i was told i was in a bad area of the city and that nothing could be done to fix my connection speeds. When i started the service i asked for the unlimited program they omitted telling me that after certain usage i i would be throttled IE slowing down my connection which i complained about. The loyalty department said nothing could be done to remedy the problem and i still had 1 more year on a 2 yr contract.

If i wanted to cancel i would have to pay a $200 dollar early termination free. Even though i was lied to i tried contacting Danielle the local district manager for t mobile and she never called me back after lots of messages i was told she would call me back when she had time. after 6 months to a year i never got a call back due she does not want to hear my complaints. Finally Peter a district manager from t mobile telephone # 310 806 1750 text ed me on November 21 via text d he didn't see Danielle and and to stop harassing him.

Next day Peter text ed me again said he spoke to Danielle and she was going to call me. Danielle called me from an unknown number on November 23rd 2011 and verbally told me she would cancel the web connect account without a $200 cancel penalty which was a 2 year contract. Danielle had my number so i also gave her my email address to send me an email for the cancellation of the web connect conversation and i would get a new provider. November 20Th the web connect didn't work and has not so i have acquired a new provider.

spoke via text with Peter confirming her call on November 23rd. Finally on December 5Th no calls texts or emails from either peter or Danielle i text ed peter told him she hadn't been in touch with me and could he call her or me for a status update. no reply. December 6Th 2011 messaged Peter again please reply or provide a phone or email address for Danielle.

He said via text on December 6Th he would call her soon and have her call me back. December 7Th no texts or calls from either. December 8Th i text ed again still waiting for call ! December 9Th Peter text ed me said "she just called you 2 times" i messaged back i don't have any missed calls or voice mails.

no reply. December 9Th request from peter to pass my contact info to his boss or supervisor. No reply. December 13Th I text ed peter saying"Guess she wont contact you back either".

Called t mobile and was transfer ed to their loyalty department spoke to Krichelle rep# 81477 she took my info and said Leo the supervisor would call me back on DEC 15Th 2011 within 1 hour. Never received a call back.

December 16Th 2011 830am PST called loyalty again spoke with Melissa t mobile rep # 1244282 who said Danielle has no authority to cancel without a $200 early cancel fee.

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It does not matter if you are a loyal long term customer or not. I have intermittent to bad to no connectivity where I live. T Mobile admits this but I still have to pay the $200.00 early termination & the current month's bill even after I terminated my service.

It is all about money.

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