We made a big mistake renewing a contract with T-Mobile. I know they stop this now, but in June 2012, we signed up for another two years because the representative offered an appealing plan we thought would save us some cash.

The representative promised, and we had our verbal agreement that our bill/statement will range from $175-$185. She even promised that it will not go over $200. Bam!!! our first bill came.. $265!!!.., I called customer service and the rep promised the same amount...., she said since it's new, I have to pay some fees (I called them "hidden fees"). Boom!!! second bill - $245!!! I called again and was promised the same thing as the first rep. The third bill came..., "no changes"... so I called and had the stated re-evaluated. After so many times talking to their representative (about 7-8 times), I was told that I got the cheapest plan which is $212. Still not the same as promised

Bottom-line here is..., T-MOBILE LIED TO US. We’re hooked until June 2014 with statement ranging from $220-$265. T-MOBILE never kept their promise.

ADDITIONALLY, T-MOBILE's connection is very poor. I cannot use my cell at work because of no signal. One time I was talking on the phone then suddenly I got cut off because of so many dead zones.


Product or Service Mentioned: Tmobile Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $720.

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Damascus, Dimashq, Syria #648938

After having been a T-mobile customer from the days they were Voicestream (when they were a pleasure to do business with), T-mobile has metamorphisized into the biggest *** outfit it has ever been my complete displeasure to deal with. I only hope and pray the next time the Muzzlims hijack a plane, I hope they crash it right into T-mobile headquarters.

to Johnny Zingboing Bellaire, Texas, United States #702131

Cool story bro.

San Diego, California, United States #647094

This happened to me as well. I've been lied to by T-Mobile.

The good thing about it ..., I'm no longer with them and I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN.

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