my contract with tmobile will be up in March. It can't possibly be soon enough.

Hidden charges, dropped calls, messages received 24 hours after the call and horrible customer service have made this year seem like an eternity. Today I called to pay my bill and the automated service just couldn't process my request. Once I was given to a representative she was as apologetic as she could be-and even she didn't sound surprised at my complaints.

And as usual-she just happened to not give me a confirmation number. No response to my complaints and its clear i'm not alone.

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For 3 months had network problems. T mobile tried everything in the book to fix the problem. They stated that they are sorry but they were unable to fix the problem. I was promised by one of their Customer Service Representatives that I could move forward and port my number to another provider and they would waive the early cancellation fee. I followed the Representatives instructions. When I called to notify them that my number was imported to another provider as instructed. The other representative notified me that a early termination fee of 200 dollars will be applied. I notified the this representative that the previous representative that I spoke with waived this fee. She stated that was not noted on my account. I was directed in circles regarding this situation. My current number has to be imported and reactivated back to T mobile to avoid this fee. I spoke to Jose T ID number 4836170 the next day. He basically stated I have no choice but to pay the 200 dollars early termination or purchase a new phone to resolve the this issue. I think its quite ridiculous that I have to pay for the resolution to a problem that I did not caused and they can not fix.

I have to pay 200 dollars for early termination fee being they can not provide me with the service I signed for. Or I have to pay for a new phone which I did not damage to caused this problem that they can not fix. Either, way I have to pay for resolution to my problem that I did not cause.

There service is not fine by any means.


I have t-mobile for a short period of time and I think there customer service is better than any other cellphone company I've had.


Customer service is NOT "fine".

They are horrible and rude.


I have Tmobile and have for 2 years they are fine adn customer service is fine, I have never had any problems. :grin

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