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I HATE TMOBILE. Maybe they are like all the others but I know for a fact they don't care about subscribers nor the public.

They appear to ba a well organized business that is skilled in the art of deception. Sophisitcated leaches sucking every penny they can. After 7+ years I want out but was told it would cost $800 US. To fix "my problem" would involve extending my contract another 2 years.

Recently, I discovered 59 minutes of over usage I stopped using the phone it grew to 155 minutes. After 4 miserable calls to pathetic phone responders ( so poor not worthy to be considered customer service representatives) they say they can't look at my current call record to help me understand "MY PROBLEM". 41 cents a minute adds up fast at TMOBILE. The standard answer with TMOBILE phone support is " I need to put you on hold for a few minutes" After this goes on and on the problem in broken English is an increase is an increase in charges and a 2 year extension to contract.

I have until September 2012 then when my contract ends I will I PROMISE leave this crooked, dishonest, DIRTBAG business for good. I would not be surprised if they review my post and try to find ways to punish me. That's the kind of business TMOBILE is.


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I hate Tmobile with a passion now. It was my understanding that i was suppose to be done with my contract June of 2012 therefore i was off contract.

My husband was not off contract so we expected to pay his cancellation fee when we went to SPRINT. We decided to change to SPRINT because they are cheaper and you get a whole lot more for your money. Well, i get my bill a few weeks ago and they charged me 2 cancellation fees!!!! I was off contract!!!

There was not reason to charge my phone number a cancellation fee!!! I called them and they said a year after i renewed my contracting (June 2010) I called them June of 2011 requesting a discount because i had been a loyal customer for 5 years and i was paying way to much for internet for each phone and felt it was ridiculous. So they gave me $5 discount, which is better than nothing. Apparently i also agreed to renew my contract to June 2013 just to go from 700 minutes to 1000 minutes.

I don't recall any discussion on this subject and it does not make sense to me to renew my contract and be stuck with a phone for 3 years when they only last for 2 years. Before we went to Sprint i also called numerous times to confirm when my husbands contract ended and mine as well and they told me i was up for renewal in June 2012. I call to dispute the additional cancellation fee and i lose. I'm extremely upset with this company and very disappointed in how their phone service is as i would constantly drop calls all the time as well as paying way to much for so little.

So happy with SPRINT and the service i have received.

If you hate Tmobile like i do and are looking for another phone service to go with, go to SPRINT! They are great and you get so much for you money!


you made cause you used more mins then your plan's your own fault for not paying attention. if you made the calls then your responsible for the charges

to lol #1374465



today i went into the store to cancel all my phones so that i could switch into another phone company that is currently selling the Iphone 5. The worker searched up my name and told me that i could not leave yet because my contract doesn't end until NEXT year.

Heres the thing, I signed up for the plan that made sure i didn't have a contract that why i would be able to leave whenever i wanted to. T-mobile is *** ***. The work then told me that I "called" customer service and switched my plan through the phone last month. *** please, i didn't call for ***.

T-mobile knows that they are going to loose customers, i'm pretty sure this hasn't happened to only me. T-mobile is making it impossible to leave.

This is complete bullcrap. I hope someone sue's this *** *** company for all their ***.


They are terrible in customer relations. I had to terminate since I had no service in my new home or neighborhood and they charge me a huge termination fee after saying they wouldn't.

Its not my fault, I had no service, then slap me with fees.

Spoke to 3 people, looks like I'm paying. :-(


I too HATE T-mobile! I hope they go bankrupt however that won't happen because they always find ways to *** over and steal your money!

They could at least use some lube while they are making you take it up the ***. I had a similar problem to the one listed above. I was told that it would save me $10 a month if I added another line and I would get 300 more minutes per month also. Why wouldn't I do this?

So I signed up thinking no big deal if I don't use the phone I can just let the sim card sit in my desk. Then I found out that it wasn't just the third line whose contract was extended. MY WHOLE PLAN WAS EXTENDED 2 YEARS! No one told me anything about this and when I brought it up to "customer service" they just told me that it wasn't their problem and I would need to bring it up with whoever I spoke to at the store, but couldn't tell me his name so I could.

My contract has one god awful year left on my contract.

When this contract is up I WILL NOT resign with them. I will go without a phone before I ever sign up with these crooked bastards!


i hate t-mobile. i had service with them for 2 months, the service was terrible in my area i contacted t-mobile and all they did was tell me the coverage map states my area is perfect.

the corporate office was absolutely no help at all they just tell you it is all in your head so i ended up having to pay $836 final bill. i would tell everyone to run from t-mobile and there awful service.


The cell phone company I signed up for had service in my area when I signed up. A few months later they remove service from my area. This was our life line, our only phone and means of communication. I worked out an end to the contract with a lady there, she waived the early termination fees.

I got a bill for a couple hundred dollars and called the company back on the T-mobile phone I had when I was in Portlqand where there was service, the guy waived the rest of the charges and literally disconnected service right then and there, basically hanging up on me by d/c-ing my service while we were talking.

A few weeks later I got a much larger bill in the mail, like they had re-added the early cancellation fees. I kept records from this point on who I talked to and when. I was prmised a call back from several people (managers who were busy). but no one ever called me or attempted to. T-Mobile refuses to call me back, has kept adding mysterious charges to the account and now sent it to collections where they claim I owe over $1,000! I am beyond angry.

I actually feel they owe me money since I continued to pay my bill after they removed service on the promise they would fix it. The local company's manager where I bought the service completely agrees with me but says he is powerless to do anything. Since i cant get a call back or even know what these charges are fro, I too, am powerless and going up against a huge company trying to bully me into paying for a service THEY removed... their own coverage maps show this to be the case and they still persist.


tmobile is terrible !!!!!! I had them for ten years and they have declined in service and customer care just dropped em like the Devil at a Baptist Party.




I think you both are uneducated... as for 3rd party charges, they have absolutely NOTHING to do with your carrier (I said carrier, not one specifically because they ALL do the same thing as far as refunds on those) 3rd party charges come from those *** tv/internet ads that request your number...

don't enter it there... The whole wireless industry requires you extend your contract when changing your rate plan... & incase you haven't noticed, no carrier has the option of just adding minutes, unless you have poor credit & pay for pre-paid services. & as for magical minutes randomly appearing, every carrier tries to be as up to the moment as possible, however due to federal laws & roaming agreements, minute usage can be delayed...

not only that, but there could be the slight chance that someone just may be someone had used the phone... idk about you, but my kids grab my phone all the time with out me realizing it until I get the statement... that's why I'm smart & use parental controls.... and I feel bad that you have to feel like you have to take your stress out on a company...

ANY company... I feel everyone has the ability to control their own bills 150% you just have to be educated on how to do so!


Horrible customer service! Third party unauthorized charges will not be credited promptly!!

I hate Tmobile after spending hours with customer care I still do not have my account credited!

Ugh! I can't wait to dump them.

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