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i previously had a flex pay account with tmobile. at the end of my contrat i switched to another service.

here recently i decided to go baack to tmobile and go with their regualr contract plan. due to a mistake by me i still owed about $200 on the previous flexpay account, that did not get paid. this was added to the first months bill of my new contract wich resulted in my service being shut off.

tmobile was very helpfull in working with me to get service reinstated by allowing me to just pay the previous balance i owed, and was able to hold off my bill untill the next pay period allowing me to get caught up. i see tmobile as great service and i guess it depends on how you look at

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I have T-mobile as well and I think they do an excellent job at handling consumer complaints. I also would recommend T-mobile to anyone that has a lame cellphone comany such as Sprint or AT&T.

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