Joey Ann Fogarty138 Kelly AveWest Creek, NJ 08092609-384-2611jstagaard@yahoo.comDecember 24, 2010T-Mobile Customer Service Re: 609-384-2611PO Box 37380Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380


To say that I am upset is an understatement. I have been a loyal customer to T-mobile for 8 years via this account number and 267-934-8627 number. I have no idea why I have been so loyal. T-Mobile has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my life. For starters EVERYTIME I ring customer service I wait on hold for 30+ minutes before someone even picks up the line to help. When someone finally does pick up the call I can barely understand what they are saying because of the accents. Each time I complain for the long hold time they use the SAME exact line "I am so sorry Ms Fogarty we are experiencing high call volumes" For 8 years the same redundant line is used.I am not just writing this letter over 1 or 2 phone calls. This happens everytime I call. The thing that cracks me up is when calling you make a point to say "T-Mobile is rated highest in customer service by JD Power & Associates". I am doing research in that comment. I am so mad and furious by the horrible customer service from T-Mobile that I am finding every customer service complaint center I can and posting complaints.I would understand if it was just me w/ a bias opinion however, every friend I have who uses T-Mobile has the same complaints. They have all agreed to help me with this.T-Mobile offers no customer loyalty to me. I made a complaint 3 days ago the call started @ 11:33 am. It literally took me till 7:40 pm to receive some kind of resolution. T-Mobile over bills me almost EVERY month I have to spend hours of my time just trying to fix errors on your behalf.I wrote down all 8 employee names and id numbers and how long I was on the phone w/ each representative. I am going to continue w/ this complaint and gathering complaint letters from my friends and clients until some kind of change or resolution to your horrible service is achieved.I am sure you get many letters of complaints and use a generated response letter to each complaint. Thus is why I am going to keep going until I actually see some kind of change. It took 8 hours of my work day dealing w/ your customer service and I am furious. I get paid $36.00 an hour for what I do and I know T-Mobile is not going to compensate me for my time. God forbid someone miss a payment or something your right on top of that. Your time and horrible customer service is compensated.I do ask that you take serious steps to resolution because I am seriously not going to stop with this. I have records of the hundreds of CS complaint calls I have had in 8 years w/ names, lengths of calls and enough research to back my complaint.Any questions or comments I can be reached at the above information.


Joey Ann Fogarty609-384-2611

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I FEEL YOU! THEY SUCK BIG TIME!!! I can't express in words how horrible their support is - its just unacceptable...

The only thing that puts a smile on my face is the image "SO I'M LIKE "your call is very important to us" (google it in the images page, you will love it) :D


Worst service ever. For what you pay you would except better service.

I could have stated with circket for at least 15 dollar less a month and no crazy add on charges. Okay if you do decided to go with t mobile or are already stuck with them for 2 years. Except dropped calls, that's if you can even get the call to go thru. India help desk like ever other company.

You pay extra for internet but that never works. Poor service all around. And all they do is send you another phone. IT'S not the phone its there terrible service.

All the money they spend on shipping phone they need to put it togeather and ad more towers. You pay for a phone that you can't use and I even had to call 911 a couple times from my phone, because it just kept dropping. and 911 is suppose to work even if your phone is not actived. My phone is actived and that was even a head ache.

Do yourself the favor and stay away from this company.

If you do use them don't do the family pak, that ends up being more. What a shame and what a worthless company.


MLCD's comments sound like they were written by a T-Mobile employee. After 10 years, I'm cancelling my service. I simply tried to add a line, upgrade my 3 year old phone, and get a new phone for the new line. I had to talk to 3 different centers just to place the order, I was charged an upgrade fee of $18 and they charged me two separate shipping fees even though sent by the same shipping company and the phones arrived on the same day. I had to pay almost $350 to place the phone orders. UPS attempted deliver when I was at work, I called UPS to request that I come pick up the phone, and UPS informed me that one of the phones had restrictions only allowing deliver at the physical address and that I had to be there to receive it, I of course couldn't request a specific deliver time, they advised me to contact t-mobile. I contacted T-Mobile, was on the phone for 90 minutes with various customer service agents, a supervisor hung up on me after placing me on hold, it was the second hang up of the day. I have been hung up on or mistransferred just about every time I call in, you would think they would call you back, but they don't. I'm done, I'll be writing a letter to the BBB, T-Mobile & AT & T. If my money isn't refunded then I'll see them in court. I've never been treated so poorly in all my life. This after 10 years and I was recommitting to them for another two years plus getting an addtional line, no wonder they were bought out by AT & T, that company is poorly run.




Wow! I'm surprised.

I have been with T-mobile for about 8 years and I have never had horrible customer service. Perhaps, depending where we live, we speak too different people.

I'm just grabbing straws. Nevertheless, I am in no way disagreeing with you because we all experience different turbulence when we feel we have been done wrong!

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