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On December of 2010, I called T-Mobile to make sure of my phone warranty to return a MyTouch phone that was defective. The problems with the phone had been consistently the same. It was the third time I had to exchange the phone for the same reason. The costumer service representative was very nice to me and she made sure that I would not have the same problem again with the phone. Given that I had had the same problem with the MyTouch, she spoke to her supervisor and she got an authorization to give me an LG Optimus.

She had me check the MyTouch phone before I sent it back. I checked for the water mark. I verified that the phone was not damage and I was told that if the phone was damaged I would be charged for the phone. I was aware of this and I sent back the phone as soon as I received the new phone. The phone left from my hands without any physical damage.

A couple of days ago, I received a letter from T-Mobile saying that the "Handset has physical damage to either external and/or internal display". However, I know this is not true. I was speaking to the representative Nancy B. this morning (04248), and she told me the device may have been damaged internally. I know this is not the case because the phone was never unresponsive on the touch screen.

I spoke to another representative who offered to give me a $200 credit if I renewed the other phone line under my name (Phone number: 818-***-****). I am not even being asked to renew the contract under my phone line but someone else's phone line that is not currently under any contract with T-Mobile. It does not make sense that the only way out of this situation that is not fair to me is by tying up a phone line not related to this issue.

I am very offended at this situation because I could have gotten the LG Optimus T for free by renewing my contract instead of using my warranty exchange program. If the phone screen of the MyTouch had actually been cracked, how smart of me would have been to make use of the warranty knowing I will get charged as opposed to just upgrading my phone and renewing my contract for free. It is because I know that the phone was not damaged that I am very mad at the offer that T-Mobile is making to give me a credit for the charge at the expense of renewing the contract on another line but not my own.

I have been a costumer of T-Mobile for 6 years. I have had up to 4 lines under my name. I consider myself a valuable costumer to the company and so far a happy costumer over all. T Mobile has let me down in such a way that if this cannot be arranged in any way, I am considering paying the price of cancellation to go to another service provider. I hope that you can understand my situation and show your appreciation for a loyal costumer in some way. I expect to be credited the $200 without any renewal of the contract on any of the two lines under my name. Another option is to waive the cancellation fee of my contract. Any of these two options would avoid me complaining to the Consumer Review.

Best regards,

Review about: Tmobile Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $257.

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