When I had internet service added onto my phone it never worked so I cancelled it after two months, at which time the nice lady told me she was going to shut it off and credit my account for the two months unused prior service. Turns out that they never canceled it and 3 more months down the road I had to cancel it again.

Wasn't really complaining but told them it was funny not to back their promise. Then customer service agent accused me of lying and informed me that I was a liar, that I hadn't canceled the service til the prior week,said that my phone was shut off because I hadn't paid my bill, even though my account is easy pay(they are to just take the money out of my account),he then canceled my service(with the 200.00 fee). After much head ache and repeating myself, customer service tells me charges are reversed and my account won't be billed for 3 months. Finally at peace with them living up to their promise..Until they billed me for 3months and when I call and inform them..I'm told there is no record of such promises and I'm to just eat the 160.00.

They we're to do an investigation of the recorded conversation I'd had prior, we're to get back to me..didn't. even though I provided employee names, and numbers.

I'd just been better off canceling and paying the fee.

Review about: Tmobile Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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T-Mobile are totally and utterly a bunch of crooks stealing money from people, their customer service is deplorable. A total shambles of an organisation.


Tht is crazy I have tmobile too and I don't even deal wit them cuz it a mess when I first got service wit them afther a mo my internet didn't work they sd its becuz ever mo u have to add the internet on to ur servie I think tht no one over there knws wht they are doin sooo sad my next ph service won't be them maybe ill go back to sprint they where much better

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