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I have been a customer of Tmobile for over 3 years. Some months I have paid over $200 in monthly fees. I heard of a program they do not advertise; 3000 min regional only (I live in New England, so it includes all of NE). The cost was $59.99/mon. Same price but more minutes (my plan was national).

When I called I explained I use mobile to mobile for work and asked if it was part of this plan as well as free nights and weekends. The customer service LIAR assured me it was. After receiving my first bill, I was charged $200 more for going over the 3000 minutes. I noticed it was the mobile to mobile minutes.

When I called the customer service thieves, the CS manager basically told me it was over 30 days TOO BAD! I told her if this was the case I was going to drop tmobile. She told me they didn't care and that I would have to pay to get out of the contract. I told her the contract had expired and I was month to month. She finally agreed that was the case. I asked her if she cared at all that I would leave tmobile and she replied "it doesn't bother me".

Basically, Tmobile is a total scam. There customer service reps are well trained to scam their clients. ***, I'm leaving you, I'm cancelling my wife's and daughter's plans with you. Oh, did I mention I run a sales department that uses tmobile. Kiss that business good bye also.

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I dont believe that you guys can be so dumb... when I knew about this site then i thought of registering..

and I did it.. later I started receiving mails from all the chicks who were really desparate to get in touch with me.. I tried to reply them by I couldnt as I have to buy the membership.. I wanted to check if this site was genuine..

so what I did is much appreciated.. I updated my profile with my personal ID stating that I you you are really interested then mail me on my personal ID... Do U think I received any email on my personal ID ??????

Ha Ha !! Keep Guessing...



Freeport, Texas, United States #9519

I recently acquired a T-mobile phone. The plan is nice, 1000 minutes for $39.99/month, but they failed to say taxes would total 33% of the account.

I was also late on a payment. Why? I disputed charges that weren't supposed to be there. They finally removed these charges after 3 weeks of emails and 4 telephone calls.

The $20 late fee stays though. PERIOD! They say I should have paid the disputed bill, and it is "assumed" (As*-out-of-U & Me) that I had accepted the late fee by not protesting it earlier. So far customer service has been horrible!

My regret is getting them in the first place. I am now stuck there for another 22 months, paying good money to a 50th rate firm on a scale 10. Yep, T-Mobile makes magnificent claims of wonderful service, good prices, and other "nice" stuff, but when it come to fulfilling these claims. Forget it, won't happen Charlie.

They only thing they give is more grief than they are worth.

Nice, typical, greed based company. What ever happened to ethics and morality in this country?


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