I have been a tmobile custimer since 2002. I purchased a sidekick slide for my son march 2008 and my son has been complainting about the phone starting in june 08.

the phone is fully charges and the next 10 mintues the battery is dead. I purchased 2 new charges frim tnobile june 08, those two charges do not work properly and I refused to purchase new battery and new charges after spending all this money on these accesories and they dont work. I went into the tmobile and a very unprofessional guy was in there and called me ignorant. I had my son with me and I told him he was un professional and I walked out the store.

I do not want tmobile anymore at this point. I am dissatisfied with tmobile and I am going to tell my family to not renew there contracts with tmobile.

I want a new sidekick slide and $40 rebate for the two charges I purchased in june .

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