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After purchasing a Blackberry Pearl for about $340 in mid-November 2007, the phone stopped taking a charge in February 2008. They sent me a replacement phone and the same problem happened within 2 weeks.

Finally, a 3rd phone came with a new battery and a new charger.....this lasted for 3 days. Finally, fed up, with the Peal, i did an even exchange because they wouldn't credit my account for the $340 that I basically flushed down the toilet. On a Wednesday, they told me they would send me a brand new phone, the Dash and that I would receive it by Friday.

It is now Tuesday and I received a phone call from a rep who told me that even though I pID $200 on my bill there was still a fee of $18 and would be unable to send my phone until that was paid...did they not now this when they said they were sending out the Dash......i had to go buy a phone from Best Buy because i couldn't be without a phone all this long.

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We dont need tmobil when there are more phone providers out there. I myself will gladly pay the price for verizon.

Rather than put up with the lies and deceitful people at tmobil. I cant wajit till im gone.t mobil just dont care period.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #39664

*Is not Tmobile employees/the company that put the phones together.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #39663

First of all, anyone who talks *** about a company they have worked for was obviously very unsuccessful in the company. T-Mobile is outstanding.

Now from the customer perspective it would feel annoying to have an expensive phone keep messing up. Let me give you something to think about. First of all- T-Mobile does not manufacture phones. They purchase them from companies like RIM (who sell blackberrys) Samsung, Nokia Motorola, etc.

Yes you got hte phone through tmobile, and its having problems. Even in the initial complaint you can see T-mobile does what they can. You bought a phone which had some problems, they did several exchanges for you, Once you have done a few exchanges- the "multiple" exchange gives you a brand new phone- which in this article you claimed was the Dash. Can you not see that T-mobile is trying to help you with the problems.

Technology is technology it will not be perfect 100 % of the time, although we do not want your equipment to have issues- its not gauranteed. So before you blame the cell phone company realise it was tmobile employees or their company that actually put that phone together- and that they are workign hard to make sure you get a phone that works!!!!!!

Chalfont, Pennsylvania, United States #18358

yes my text messaging is disabled and i've emailed called sooooo many times and still, they dont frickin answer wat the *** is wrong with this godamned picture. btw it's (shi)t-mobile not just t-mobile :(

Syracuse, Utah, United States #10235

I agree, tmobile has become horrible with their customer service over the last 2-3 years. They used to fix what they screwed up, but now they just expect you to deal with it!

They know you have no options: Sprint has horrible coverage; Alltell drops calls left and right; Verizon/at&t is EXPENSIVE!


Baker City, Oregon, United States #7800

I worked for t-mobile and trust me.. you'll have to go through congress to even have a charge consider be removed, they dont care about their customers for the obvious reason that there are so many who will replace you..

the ads keep running, more new accounts come in.. a low percentage of complaints and cancels does nothing to them, its corporate america..

if anything all your complaint letters do is teach them how to better deal with your anger and figure out another way to address your problem with the end result of them not having to refund you yet keep you as a customer, dont believe the smiles and lies, bottom line, you need them more than they need you. And thats nothing but the truth!!

Djibouti, Djibouti, Djibouti #6326


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