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My 19 year old Air Force Son's phone stopped working without turning if on and off.We had bought the insurance plan when we purchased the phones with T-mobile, and we were told that if we purchased we could " take a hammer to the phone and it would be replaced with a new or refurbished phone. My son had gone to the t-mobile store and was told to come back with a parent and pay 5$ and a new phone would be mailed in 3-5 days. When we went back up...
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My phone got stoling from work about 3 months ago I paid for s replacement phone for T-Mobile I paid them 175.00 to send my a new iPhone now if you can see the phone is coming apart.I went to the iPhone store because I do have a warranty on my phone. The iPhone store will not fix my phone because T-Mobile sent me a refurbished now am stuck paying t-Mobile Another 175 to get a new i phone but why would they not send you a real phone if you...
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I have been a customer of T-Mobile for the past 6 1/2 years over the past six months I have received poor service with little to no help from customer service I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which has not worked properly in over 6 months. The phone cuts off and on by itself randomly I haven't had Internet service in over three months and I am currently on their Unlimited plan. T-Mobile has sent me 3 refurbished phones in the past 6 months and...
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I wanted to see if T-Mobile could make do on their advertisements, you know pay off your existing contract with existing carrier, trade in old phones for upgrade value, get all new ones under their new contract at no extra cost so they would all be covered under insurance replacement plan, blah blah blah.Well I apparently owed too much on existing contract with Verizon, my son's phone was an iPhone 5s and not worth squat. So T-mobile in turn...
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I purchased a new phone at a t-mobile local store on 4-9-2016 @ approx.8pm. On 4-21, I found that the phone was overheating and powering of at will, with two apps open at the same time. On 4/23/2016, store employee stated that I would get a replacement phone in mail by the end of the day on tuesday, 4-26-2016, and never showed. Went and tracked the pCKge throuh UPS's site, and lerned that it wouldn't get there til friday the 29th. Due to me...
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Who in the right mind would do this??!!! If I had known this fact, I wouldn't have enrolled in the insurance plan or even switched over in the first place. Customer service said they cannot do anything and now Im just stuck in the middle. Being lied to does not feel good and paying a lot of $$ adds to the pain. They wont even refund the months I paid for insurance if I decide to cancel it. Ive been lied to and robbed by false advertising by tmobile...
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Nonayme Your down payment is high due to your credit. Maybe try improving your credit score before activating service, pleb.

I didn't like
  • Cust serv and liars and employeea
  • Sleezy manager