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I found out my line was canceled by tmobile without any type of contact. I woke up and usually I hear text messages or emails in the morning when the phones turns on (blackberry).

Next thing I know phone doesn't work. Keep in mind I have had this number for the last 12 years, so needless to say I'm freaking out! I call and all they do is give me an email to contact about the line.

Finally get a response from them an hour later and they are blaming me for the disconnection and saying they can disconnect anyone at anytime without reason. Nice to know they have that in their contracts...Needless to say, I have to get my line back on again for the time being giving them more money until I can port my number out.

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Seen it happen C. You apparently are a conspiracy theorist. By the way, who killed JFK?


Why would a business deny your money? Definately more to this story then your leading on

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