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tmobile has the worst cell phone coverage. even if their cell phone reps.

tell you that their phones will have great coverage trust me they don't. I have had more lost call and no coverage than any other phone service. please don't waste your money or time. I tried calling and seeing if i could get out of my contract and they said i could if i payed 400.00 to buy out my contract.

They provide me with a cell phone that has no coverage and then they want me to pay more money to get out of this terrible ordeal.

I have been told by others that they have a problems with other companies and they were understanding and let them out of their contract with no fees. Tmobile would not even consider doing that.

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You are correct! It's pretty bad when you call to cancel your contract, and the customer service person has no comment when you tell her why you are cancelling.

They are trained to try and convince you to stay with them, but when you mention poor coverage, what can they say? I call and text three people. That's all. They are within 20 miles.

Sometimes they get my calls/texts. Sometimes they don't. Their phone department (the ones that help you when something goes wrong with your phone) is nothing to brag about either. I bought a BlackBerry through T-Mobil less than 2 years ago and when it stopped charging I bought a new battery and a new charger.

The not-so-helpful T-Mobil rep says, "It's your phone.

Must be broken and your warranty is up. Sorry.

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