I've received several spam text messages in the past week and have called T-Mobile to complain & request the charges be removed - they charge .15 per INCOMING message whether you want it or not.

They refused to reverse the charges & told me my only option was to block all text messages completely before they would consider a refund. That is not a viable option but they refused to work with me to come to a reasonable solution. It's another example of cell phone companies ripping off customers since there is no way to reject an incoming message - you pay whether you want to receive a message or not.

Who let them get away with charging customers for RECEIVING text messages with no way to prevent it? It's outrageous.

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Mr supervisor. You cant know what the cs people tell the customers.

They are mean non careing people who can care less us. They are there for the paycheck. Iv been told meny times .i cant be refunded.

Know your staff. They got you fooled.


Replying the spam with the message "STOP" would cost the sender. That's another option what would benefit T-MOBILE, not the customer.


Blacklisting short codes, replying to the message with "stop". Simple. If you are receiving them from cell phone numbers, change your number.

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Yes, T-mobile does charge for incoming text messages however there are plenty of things you can do to prevent this from happening. As mentioned above there is a free message blocking feature to restrict messages from going in or out of the handset.

There is also a great new feature called family allowances. Family allowances allows you to put limits on minutes, messages, and downloads. It also gives you a place to block calls and text messages from certain numbers.

There is also another thing called a mobile number change if you are getting them from that many difference sources to which you can not block them all. Plus they have many message bundles to choose from with really great rates!


That is RIDICULOUS!! There is no reason why you shouldn't have been credited for those messages or at least been told about the filters we have available.

I'm so sorry you didn't get me or one of my agents. (BTW, it's .20 per message now fyi) Call technical support and ask them to help you apply spam messaging filters.

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