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I have been a loyal T-Mobile customer for a few years and have paid my bills on time. Half a year ago, I moved from Philadelphia to North Port, Florida; there is no T-Mobile service in this area. I called and complained a handful of times and was told that the service would be fixed.

After no results, I went to AT&T because they have great service in North Port. T-Mobile Wireless is charging me $392.55 and I have recieved a letter from a debt collector. This is a crime... charging me when I had no service at my home and I was told the service would be fixed. I refuse to pay this bill. I had no service.

I called the company and told them I refused to pay my bill. They asked why I didn't cancel my service sooner, and I told them it was because T-Mobile Wireless said there was no reason to cancel my services with them because they would fix the service at my home. After waiting for better service and nothing changed, I got fed up and switched companies.

-Beata Czyz

North Port, FL

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I've come across customers with your situations before in a store. When a customer moves to an area and needs to dispute the Early Termination Fee because they do not receive service on their phone, you first need documentation that you are living at the address (Letter from your local DMV, utility bill, Post Office will also provide this documentation).

Secondly, you need to go to a T-mobile corporate store or call customer care and let them know you do not have service at your NEW ADDRESS, and that you would like to cancel service without the early termination fees being charged since you cannot use your service. Lastly, porting out your number will automatically cancel your account and you will receive one last bill prorated based on your billing cycle.

Personal Opinion: As with all things in life, you need to handle any situations that come your way.

Refusing to pay a bill left un-investigated is detrimental to your credit history if left in collections. Just saying!

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