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I was a customer since 2006 and had been experiencing service issues in the past year or so. After MULTIPLE phone switches (Blackberry, Samsung Behold, 2 G1s, Motorola Cliq, 2 Mytouches, and 3 Samsung Vibrants), I finally got the message that it was the carrier and not the actual device that was causing the issue.

Throughout these many switches and exhausting conversations (primarily through the Loyalty Dept), I was told that if for whatever reason I did not receive relief from my issues, I could cancel my service and have the fee waived. Well, guess who still got hit with a fee, and a "Oh, I'm sorry that it was not communicated to you, but when you accepted the new phone, whatever offers given prior to your receipt of hte new phone would be null and void..."? I decided that it was time to go when I found out that my contract had been extended with the receipt of the Vibrant (I did not go through the typical prompt that records my agreement to the extension). That long drawn out arguement ended in "We're sorry, but we can't give you that discount without extending your contract"...Hello!

I wouldn't need the phone if the @#$%@# service worked in the first place and I wasn't so hard-set to stay a customer! Then to add insult to injury, an additional bill for another whole billing cycle after my service was suspended, despite the fact that there was overwhelming evidence that the phone was not used!

I would consider myself a reasonable person, but it is completely outlandish that I would be expected to consistently pay for service that I cannot in turn consistenly rely on.

I loved T-Mobile and I think that the associates are exceptional. The customer service was always great, which makes it that much more difficult to understand how easy it was totally screw me in the end.

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