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WHEN THE SUPER POWERS OF MONEY HAS TO STOOP TO THE LEVEL OF HIRING LIARS, HIT MEN AND HENCHMEN, THEN PERSUESUANT TO OUR PREAMBLE OF THE CONSTITUTION When in the course of these events it becomes necessary to abolish these powers....Then So be it! all I wanted was to cancel a simple contract 1 month prior to it's completion, after that collection, and high price settlements ensued.because the big bully of phone world decided to eliminate Me.

Well! big news putz, the Meek inherit the earth. two terms @ $7,000.00 per, has me convinced that if your gonna step on the little , big things are gonna befall you, defame me all you want in collections but are you are is a bully, if there is a fragment of justice in this country left ,it will condemn your practices forever. all of my chidrens children will understand that cell phones are never there when you need them and the cost of that dependency will terminate the need.

always something more and another cost to operate. but you can,t deliver what you advertise, remember I had 4 years of your service and I was Not happy with any of it.

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