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Well it all started when something was wrong with my phone. I took it in to have it looked at the lagitimate T-mobile store, not just one of those stands in the mall.

The guy told me that my phone was broken and i was going to need a new one. It was a black samsung slider, and it was really nice, mp3, camera, came with memory card, it had it all. So he told me that i could send it in and get a razr for free. Well i was short on money at the time so i did.

When i got my razr i put the SIM card in and it was doing the same thing that my other phone did. Obviously the problem wasnt the phone it was the SIM card. So i called trying to get my old phone back and they said that there was nothing they could do for me even though it was there rep. who told em it was broken.

Then after that i went through 3 razrs in 3 weeks.

Those things just keep breaking, and i knwo thats not their fault but come on.

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:)T-mobile is the best provider that I have ever had their reception,customer service, and everything else about them is just great. Verizon and AT&T is the pits AT&T can seem to get their billing together and VERIZON drops call ever five minutes.


You should try calling tech support next time genius. The stores are there to sell phones, not fix problems.


Lets get this right before you go and say that. T- mobile has given me 3 peices of plastic that somewhat look like phones for the price of one expensive phone.

You see they dont work, they might be out 3 phones but there the service supplier.

You see they could invest in different models instead of the cheap stuff. Anyways i dont care about the razrs, im pissed that i spent 500 on a nice phone, and now have to use a broke *** razr becuase there employees are inexperienced and not trained properly to recognize a broken phone when they see one (maybe jsut this employee idk).


maybe you should complain about motorola and not t-mobile. as far as i can see, t-mobile has given you 4 phones for the price of one.

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