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I applied for the Free Flight in 07 program, changing my plan to the My Favs program and submitting a booking reqest application, as required to get the free flight. I did everything that was required of me, but TMobile and their booking agent couldn't seem to get their information together as to whether I was eligible or not.

They finally resolved the issue and concluded that I was eligible in 2009. I then tried to put in my booking request by the deadline. The phones were busy, so I called T Mobile, who said that they would contact me to get my booking request.

They never did contact me, and when I initiated contact to see what was going on, they stated that the promotion was over and they don't intend to compensate me for my troubles. T Mobile should not offer promotions because they have no idea how to choose the right partners and they consistently make promises that they don't intend to keep.

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