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Every time I have a problem with a phone from T-Mobile they want me to sign a 2 year contract extension for them to fix their problem. I bought a Motorola phone and software, but the phone is defective and the software does not interface with the phone as advertised.

These people are interested in company service and they have left customer out of the mix. When I am told they stand behind their products and services, it is a lie. Anyone seeing this 'be aware' of this trickery and bold face lies. They promise coverage, there is very little, they wish to upgrade my phone, when the one they sold me won't work.

Anyone see a problem with this?

When I call support they want to transfer me to someone who couldn't find a pin in a sewing shop.

Review about: Tmobile Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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They don't post call history and payment history on their website for the prepaid plan.

A year after I purchased $100 refill and became a gold Member my rate jumped from 10c/min to 27c/min. I had an automatic refill set up to maintain balance.

There was no warning of rate change.


Got a series of text from t-mobile offering upgraded services which I did not respond to. Within a week; the calls that I tried to make were not connecting or receiving.

I got indications of voice mails received--but could not get connected. Called t-mobile about my phone issues and first thing they wanted to do was "upgrade" my service and renew the contract.

After a series of checking the line signal and rebooting; technical support could not find anything wrong and assured me that the problem would be resolved. After "renewing" my contract; the phone problems miraculously disappeared within a few hours!

A t-mobile sells rep called under the pretense of offering new products even after my just recent upgrade--which I only believe t-mobile was only calling to verify that the phone was turned back on!

The state is now investigating t-mobile!


Just screwed by T Mobile. Have been receiving multiple text messages instead of a single so i can be charge repeatedly to receive a single. Tech support acknowledges the problem but customer service says to bad if we charged you, but no credit..."we didn't send the messages" is what I was told.

Nothing like thieves.

Vaiden, Mississippi, United States #39690

My phone was the Motorola Razr and less than a year old. They want to stick you with their insurance and I refuse to pay for something that is more scam then valid purchase.

I found phone's of this kind when I did a search and found them at a much reduced cost from the prices from T-Mobile, but that can cause problems since the contract infers additional charges or cancellation of services. I could have bought a new one from T-Mobile but at a much higher and inflated price for the phone alone.

They do require an extension of services, or almost double the price to replace the phone, which I have had to throw away and start over at this point. If anyone thinks that T-Mobile is trying to be a business partner with any of it's customer base, I have ocean front property in Kansas to sell you.


Every phone purchased from tmobile comes with a 1 year warranty. If you were having problems with it there is never a contract extension necessary to replace a defective phone.

If you had purchased insurance for your phone a replacement could be sent for a phone that you may have damaged. Sounds like you either broke your phone or are past the warranty period.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #39668

The big thing here is you never HAVE to sign a 2 year contract. However IF you sign a two year contract your prices are discounted much further than if you choose no contract at all.

Just like one of the other people said, phones come with a one year warranty by both the manufacturer and T-mobile. T-mobile is glad to help troubleshoot your phone for you. If you are within the one year period they will also gladly do an exchange. Like noted by another person below, even teh manufacturers who actually make the phone only have a one year warranty- this is not just a T-mobile policy.

It is the same with all other cell phone providers as well.

Just like a car has a warranty but can go bad- so can a phone. Phones a bit quicker maybe, but much cheaper than a car!

At Tafilah, At Tafilah, Jordan #37355

T-Mobile has made an art out of F'in their customers. They are so happy doin you as well, have you noticed.

Their employees can't have much of a conscience. They are so immoral and unethical you'd think the employees must be related to Bonnie and Clyde. I encourage you to file a complaint with your utilities commission, FCC and your Attorney General. If enough people do that their behavior will change.

When we do enough to take the profit out of the unethical behavior, their behavior will change. Encourage your representative (where ever you live) to send a letter on your behalf and a copy to the Attorney General of your state.

Glen Rose, Texas, United States #20982

Do a google for wireless phones and buy a cheap one to tide you over until your contract expires. You can get a new phone for $40.

Green Spring, West Virginia, United States #11302

:? Did you take out the insurance on your phone? You would not have to extend your contract if you get a new phone that way.

How old is your current phone? If it is older than one year, and you do not have the insurance, then even the manufacturer, Motorola, who made the phone, not T-Mobile, will not help you without a charge.

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