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I am having so many problems with t-mobile. I have gotten phones from there and everytime my phone messes up, in otherword defective, they charge me a $10 fee to ship another phone to me.

I have had to replace my Motorola W490 about 5 times since I first got it September 2008. The screen constantly turns white and I cannot make phone calls. Well now this happened again, and I have to pay an extra $100 to replace a piece of junk and since they cannot fix the phone I guess I'm stuck with the repair fee.

Not only that but every now and then my phone says it is disconnected when I pay my bill every month. Customer service is rude and they do not try to work with any of their customers.

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I've had to replace my Samsung Behold twice since getting it in January; but I never had to pay shipping cost to recieve a new phone. I think their customer service is WONDERFUL compared to all the running around that I did with other companies.

I also had a sidekick with T-mobile and I paid my bill, opened a new account and they sent me acheck refunding me the money I paid for a phone I wasn't using.

I think they are better than any other company at handling problems. But thats just my opinion


:) Hmm...I've never had a problem with T-Mobile, I'm extremely happy with the service and it's the least expensive of all the companies in our area. Never had a problem with their equipment, either.

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