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I received a $50 Debit card from T-Mobile issued by CitiBank ( a risky and frustrating process alone). At no time was I advised or did I agree to an expiration date at which time T-mobile would confiscate/take my money by rendering the debit card "expired".

After the card is issued the money belongs to the customer. I used it and mis-placed until today, with a balance of $31.94 confirmed by T-Mobile Rebate Center. T-Mobile refuses to re-issue it , send me a check or credit my account. Banks are required to forward dormant accounts to the state in California.

But T-Mobile says the money is forfeited - I loose. (unethical and perhaps illegal?) I filled a BBB complaint and now T-Mobile says they have no record of the card I have in my hand.

I would like to hear from other T-Mobile customers.

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Tacoma, Washington, United States #1161812

I've been with T-Mobile for a decade and have had many various rebate cards from them. They always come within the time frame stated and have never been refused.

Any time I have an issue I speak to their customer care department and with one single exception, it is always resolved to my satisfaction.

That one exception was in 2010 when I was still on a contract plan. My son died and I wanted to cancel his line because...obviously he didn't need it anymore.

Even though I knew that I'd signed a contract and that I was responsible for any charges to the account, I thought that maybe, under the circumstances that they could make an exception to their early termination rule. I even offered to give them a copy of his death certificate so they would know I was not trying to scam them and that I was sincere and acting in good faith.

The rep incorrectly basically said, 'too bad, if you cancel you will still have to pay the early termination fee.' I'm a grown up and I was prepared to have them say 'no' because it's not personal it's business to them. I was really kind of disappointed and frankly a little shocked that they said 'no' because almost all companies will cut you a break when there is a death, but I understood.

I did the math comparing the early termination fee to the cost of monthly service for the duration of the contract and it ended up being *about* even more or less...maybe even a *little bit* cheaper to just ride out the contract, so I gave the line to my nephew (who incidentally used it for the next five years) because he needed a phone and I was going to have to pay for it anyway.

A couple of years later I was talking to them about some issue or another and (I can't remember how) the subject came up and I told the rep about it. The first rep I'd talked to back in 2010 was just that first person you talk to whenever they connect you to an agent, but the rep I was talking to a couple years later was a customer care rep. She said that the original rep was incorrect and that T-Mobile would most certainly have made the exception for me under those particular circumstances.

I resolved whatever it was I'd called about and hung up. Later when checked MyT-Mobile there was a credit for what I had paid riding out the contract. I was shocked so I called them because I thought it was a mistake. Nope...a courtesy to me from them because the original rep was ill-informed.

The customer care rep didn't even tell me she'd done it. Lesson learned: Never take the first 'no' as the final word. Talk to customer care.

If you are a long term, good customer, they will do whatever they can to make you happy and fix their mistakes. Just make sure that if the first rep who is likely some rando person in another country making poverty wages who doesn't give one single rat's furry backside about you or your problems and just wants to get you off the hone as soon as possible so they don't have to actually do any work.


Same issue here, and try calling the 800 number and it is a joke, tells you it does not match there records, then says "sorry you are having trouble with our system, please try your call later". They are just trying to get you to give up-they owe me $250, and after I get it, I will be done with T Mobile!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1040319

i wish you all could read my cimplaint against. i echoes all of yours.

theives, i got my $50 promo card after 4 months and dispute with my bank. i am pre paid thank goodness was ttrying the theivery company out, BUYER B E W A R E

i kept up relentless and finally won the battle and the war. they are ........... .

stay away from them unless you want to go through ***. there is so much unethical stuff happening, it is hard to say which is the worst. and i too get told all the time i will not get good service if i am not buying their phone. buy another phone when i have a year old samsung s5??


hah right.. not going to happen. my phone will never belong to a cellular company, i will buy it otright from the mfg and no one will lock it.......

letters to the fcc and psc are a good idea too, and BBB as well. expose them.

Riverside, California, United States #953906

clearly a scam, it makes you wonder what our government agencies are supposed to do other than enrich their coffers. Protecting the Consumer doesn't appear to be a priority.

So why haven't attorneys chimed in?

At least there is a payday for the lawyer(s) - not so much for the Consumer.

Our entire system is askew. Corporations get away with crimes an individual would not.

Menifee, California, United States #953741

My card worked for a while and then stopped. I will contact the BBB and try to get this sorted. Thank you.


I spent months getting refusal after refusal on multiple cards for various reasons, all clearly falsified, almost word for word what Marcus posts, then finally got a response after contacting the Better Business Bureau. Then, when I finally got the cards, they were refused at most stores.

I was able to use a portion of the balance, but tended to not try out of embarassment from the refusals (my fault).

Now, over $400 worth of cards have expired and I get the same response. Not being in California, I lack protection on rebate cards.

If you're reading this, it's likely too late to avoid being caught up in this scam that T-Mobile and other phone companies have been running for many years, but at least know that it's rampant and warn your friends.

to Anonymous #1019944

File a complaint with the issuing bank. If that doesn't work with the Office of the Comptroller of the currency against the issuing bank.

Decatur, Georgia, United States #700458

Ha that is tmobile for you at least they didn't hijack your deposit to the tune of 350$ :upset


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I cant believe u got ur card. I've been trying to get one since march.

First I was told that I was denied by ltr on 5-29-12. When I called, the rep, Johnathan, said my acct was put under a wrong rebate #. then another ltr came 6-11 stating that i had been denied. I called on 6-22.

then i was told that i could only claim one rebate every 6mnts. but she, jenni, sees that the $50 rebate should have arrived. but, since it hasnt, she would cancl and send a new one. should get it in 2wks.

On 7-17-12 i called having not received it and Holly said that my addr was incomplete.

mind u, i've verified my addr with each rep each time i called. she said she would reship and i should get in 15days....

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