Bill for July - $466. I pretty much thought "Buh?" Checking the usage, I find nearly half a month of June is included.

Calling T-Mobile I discover that when their satellites malfunction calls are routed through another carrier, those minutes (498 in my case, more than 50 of which still within my allotted June usage) being plopped onto the next month's bill. I was under my minutes in June, but they applied ALL of those minutes as overage for July. I called them. After I threatened ending my contract early they agreed to take out those that would have been free in June.

The rest are still being applied. Look...those minutes weren't viewable under usage for June. Had I known I was that far over, I wouldn't have made that many calls. T-Mobile should eat those minutes, or at the LEAST give me time to pay them off SEPARATELY from July's bill.


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