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I currently have the same exact problem as you.

I have coverage at my home only. Once I leave my home there is no coverage. I am in Real Estate and need coverage in the City in which I do business, Tyler, Texas Pop. 120K+ I was assured before choosing T Mobile that the coverage in my area was GREAT! It does not work 3 blocks from my house!!!

They want $200 to release me from my contract. Sorry! No service- still I pay?

I already have another provider, and will use my $35.00 a month minutes with T Mobile on personal long distance calls until the end of my contract.

I will not pay them for NO SERVICE and deceptive trade practices!

Also- I plan to make sure that each day I speak with someone in business - and there are 1300 Agents in my area - that they know all about T-Mobile and there business practices.

Robin Kelly, Realtor®

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My contract is coming up to be over. I am so scared im gonna start having problems with my phone,charges on my bill that dont belong.

Im having a nervous brake down.

They should pay for my doc bill. I cant wait till this is over.

Good by for ever T mobi. Along with 9 more from my family.


Subject: T-Mobile said i had a contract and did not.

I built a new home in Tennessee and phone would not work. Told them i needed to change phone companies and was told i had a contract. Sent e-mail like i was told and got no response. I called them back and over the Phone i was finally told i could change companies, had no contract, but? They kept me on the line until getting into next months billing and it was all their fault, with plenty of evidence to prove this.

Anyway, they are now sending me a bill for the whole month, saying i went into the next billing cycle. Even though they said they understand, there is nothing they can do to correct their mistake. I must pay! Myself, i feel they sent me into the next cycle on purpose, holding their permission off just long enough to get me for another month.

This month, I will need to pay two bills, T-Mobile and ATT and like it. Well, i do not like it!

Any business or homeowner, it makes no difference, you better watch them! As much as i once talked up their company, i am now more against them. To talk to their people award too, hard to understand whom you are talking, which is another reason for my problems with them. I say one thing, they think i am saying somethig else, which could be by design.

Jerry Messer

Sparta, Tn.


Have you noticed that once you have a contract..They don't help you and your bill keep going up evry month. I soooo sick of T-Mobile.

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