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On October 6th, 2009 I went to the T-Mobile store in Jupiter, FL on Indiantown Road. I was assisted by Kevin Corie. Kevin was friendly and personable. During our talk, Kevin mentioned on at least 4 (four) different occassions that I had 30 days to try out the phones and plan. he also mentioned that they would charge a $10 restocking fee if we changed phones or cancelled the plan. I mentioned how my previous service, AT&T did not provide a good signal in our house. He upsold me on a Nokia phone that would be able to pick-up my Wi-fi at my residence.

I took the phones home and after a few weeks, my wife was NOT happy with her phone. She was annoyed that her calls would drop as the phone switched back and forth from regular signal to Wi-fi while in out house. Also , the phone just shuts off when the battery dies, it does not give any warning. We decided to return the phone and cancel the service.

When I called T-Mobile customer service, I was told that we only had 14 days to return the phones. When I told the CSR about Kevin's comments during his sale, she said we should go back, as there is nothing they can do.

We went back to the store and entered into an endless loop. Customer service said go to the store, the store said call customer service. Evidently no one in the company can allow a return after 14 days.

While we were in the store, another customer mentioned that she tried to return her blackberry phone onj day 15 and had to spend hours trying to be able to switch it out.

If ANYONE else has been lied to by this store concerning the time limit for intitial contract returns, I WOULD APPRECIATE YOU COMMENTS.

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I've had T-mobile kiosk give me false information also. I experienced the loop between store and customer service.

Now, I make sure they put a note on my account. If the rep says 30 days then make them put a note on the account. I learned this after being lied to regarding an early upgrade(valued customer, yea right). If I had the rep put a note on the account when they offered it to us; then we wouldn't have had trouble getting them to honor it, when we tried to use the offer.

They can over-ride the system if the account is noted, backing up your claim. Basically, you have to prove what they said.

Cell phone mafia. All the big carriers are the same, unfortunately.

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