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Disappointment from day one - lousy phones that never worked right (we have several - family plan) and were replaced under warranty with what appeared to be refurbished phones that were just as bad - their explanation is always "we don't send the phones out - they come from the factory and we don't know if they're new or refurbished). As soon as warranty expired (which we were unaware of) two of the phones inexplicably stopped working and T-Mobile refuses to repair or affordably replace them, refuses to allow us to pick up the insurance we didn't know we'd need, and we're stuck with ten more months of contract!

Service has declined sharply in last few months with 20 and 30 minute hold times from reps who cannot answer questions and are getting "supervisors" who don't call back despite my requests! Complaints about the lousy unreliable phones have fallen on deaf ears.

They're also the last company to offer text blocking and don't offer rollover minutes, so your bills can be shocking!

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All in all, t-mobile for the most part is aimed at a younger demographic. Four new sidekicks have launched in the last year and the G1 will be out next week.

Coming soon, the blackberry flip. Come on now, no one else has any of these and just because we don't have a contract with LG doesn't mean you can't use their phones on our plans. Not a large selection means nothing, any GSM phone can be used.

the email I posted last time was taken out, here it is again, and it is not inaccessible. I emailed him myself last month and got a reply robertdotson @

no space, of course.


T-Mobile is ok...I dont have great service..I used to have sprint, but my mom and I switched over to tmobile thinking it was sprint has better plans and phones...tmobile phones suck..they dont have as much options to choose from like the other carriers..I dont get good service either which is why we switched from sprint in the first place..overall, t-mobile has great plans..not a good contract agreement though...step your game up!! :zzz

Oberdorf, Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland #34648

No, text blocking just became available in this area through T-Mobile about three months ago max. Also, I would love to contact your CEO - unfortunately he has made his email inaccessible.

Thanks anyway!P.S.

Consumer sites actually ARE great places to review on - that's where I look before signing up! Wish I'd looked more carefully a year ago - you live and you learn.


We have had text blocking for nearly a year now... To be completely honest, there are some things our company is doing that is making it look superficial.

It used to be that the customer is #1- sure they still say that, but with all the new policies, it seems theyre only interested in making money. I agree with what someone else said on here, that a few angry customers here and there don't matter, they'll just be replaced anyway. I work in technical support and the truth is- the phones DO come from the factory in GA. There's not a thing we can do to find out if they're sending new or used phones.

Also, our company policies are not our fault. It is our job to follow them.

I get escalated calls from my reps all the time regarding things that our customers don't agree with, and while for the most part I don't agree with them either, it's my job to enforce them. If you have a complaint about something, don't waste your time writing about it on some consumer web site, contact Robert Dotson, our CEO at

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