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I purchased a T-mobile plan in my name for my daughter, who at the time was under age and unable to enter into a legal contract.

Since my daughter was underage, of course, she would have no credit. But the sales person ASSURRED me OVER AND OVER that when she is 18 the account can be transferred into her name. No problem, we do it all the time he says.

Well, it isn't that way. After being passed along through customer service ***, I get an apology for the situation and the information that my daughter can open a new account and prepay for one month, like a deposit, and be on a monthly billing cycle, but I would still have the existing account open.

So they would rather have two accounts outstanding that could default rather that switch the existing account into her name. I even offered to pay the one month "deposit" cost so she could have the account that is already exising.

Well, it was a no-go, like talking sense into a brick wall. My only option was to pay a cancellation fee to close the account and have my daughter open another account. What a crock!

When this contract is up - there will NEVER be another with T-mobile. (Although I was impressed in the beginning and even thought of starting a new plan with them when Verizon plan ended.)

NO T-mobile for this family - EVER! I will continue to tell my story on every forum and to every one possible. I will bad mouth this company until I can no longer communicate.

The LIES and crappy service and twisted business practices can be blown up someone elses skirt.

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