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so my t-mobile phone stopped working in the middle of october (volume at first, then screen a week or so later). i had been a loyal t-mobile customer for 5 years and i had no problems with their service.

i went searching for a new t-mobile phone, but i was concerned about being locked into another contract because i was unsure about what services i actually needed. i was really busy with mid-terms and i didn't have a chance to get to a store until the beginning of november. i ended up switching to a different phone company one and a half days into my billing cycle.

they just mailed me a bill for all of november.

i called up customer service and explained my story to them. they said they believed me that my phone didn't work because i barely used any service in october and i didn't use a single minute in november.

after that they said too bad and that they had every intention of charging me the full month's bill anyways. i liked t-mobile and i would have been happy to go back to them with my next phone, but now i will never use them again.

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Vernon Hills, Illinois, United States #703172

Yeah t mobile is the worst company in the world in europe same *** but hier is like vampires ! I would be happy if all you guys cancel there service for fraud and bed service


Similar experience. 2 days into my billing cycle I changed service after 3 years and ported my phone number over to the new carrier.

They billed me for the entire month,including the 28 days I had no service with them. They said because I ported my phone number, they were charging me for the entire month. If I had cancelled and not ported my number, they would not have. What a horrific company policy.

Another way to milk the consumer out of $$. Will never use again and will spread the word.

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