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I am very pissed off with T-mobile and the insurance company. I never knew that this was a fraud.

i have been a costumer for 5 years and i have never gotten a free phone. i found out that 3 other companies in T-mobile were charging me payments that correspond to the 3 companies that literally don't exsist. i called T-mobile and told them to cancel the 3 companies and they tell me that i couldn't do that.

They say that if i cancel they i have to pay the amount that they ask. if they don't do something now i'm going to have to go to drastic measures.

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T-Mobil calls my phone every day,same time, and I'v never even been with there service. thay have no way to answer there recording.

and there web site has no place to send them a message. I would never buy any service from anyone who harasses people like that. alot of these phone co.

have alot of scams to rob people. there is no one for them to answer to.


have you tryed to contact the b.b.b.( thats if thay will help you thay have become a joke too.) :sigh

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