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My house was recently burglarized and as a result my daughter's cell phone was taken. The police advised me that while it is an inconvenience, that I should leave the phone turned on so that if the ppl who stole the phone are silly enough to turn it on or even sillier decide to use it, the number can then be traced and perhaps they could catch the theives. I agreed to leave my phone on.

I decided to contact Tmobile to let them know that my phone had been stolen and what they police had requested I do. They immediately told me that in the event the ppl who have my daughter's phone rack up any charges that I would be charged for them, even after I explained that this is what i was instructed to to by the police.

I explained that I have been a TMOBILE customer for the last 5 years and I have 2 phones with them and have never paid a bill late, I explained that i was burglarized and that I have a report and complaint number and proof that the phone was taken and again they told me that I would be held responsibile for the charges. I was distraught. I cannot believe that a company would be so insensitive to someone who was just traumatized by a break in.

My contract expires on August 24th of this year, can you guess whether or not I will renew?

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Ramsey, Illinois, United States #162597

What paul said.Just tell the cops to pay for the charges you incur, they are the ones that said to leave it on!

T-mobile is just doing their job. I don't understand how people are such pansies now a days.

You're a grown adult.Stop complaining and take some action.


LOL youre a big baby

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