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T-Mobile Hotspot is a complete ripoff! They designed their month to month unlimited service to make it easy for T-Mobile to fraudulently bill you on a continuous basis after you have terminated the account.

If you are at a hotel and they charge $10 per day and if you stay a week, it is cheaper (or so you would think) to sign up for 30 days at $39.99. Unfortunately, even when you inform them that they are to cancel and not resume beyond the month, it falls upon deaf ears and they continue to bill you. If you have it on a bank card, the crooks at T-Mobile think they have it made because the bank automatically pays the charges. In fact, T-Mobile will keep billing your bank card and this nonsense is very hard to stop.

There ought to be a law prohibiting such unethical billing schemes. If someone wants to have repeated periodic billing, it should have to be affirmatively requested, and not be the default. It is far too convenient for T-Mobile to say, we didn't know you canceled and continue to rip you off. ie: steal your money; bill for services not rendered; bill you for services never utilized; bill for services never requested; bill for services never authorized.

As it stands right now they have charged me for over $120.00 in services I never received. Since I overlooked the charges in my statement until this month when the automated larceny hit it has over drafted my account for over $100.00 plus another $70.00 in overdraft charges. I am not sure what they call this *** in New Mexico, but here in Florida we call it felony fraud!

T-Mobile, their new company motto: BOHICA! (Bend Over Here It Comes Again)

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