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We had T-Mobile as a cellular service. After we moved out of state, I advised T Mobile that no service was available within a 35 mile radius, we needed to cancel our service.

They checked on the coverage map and agreed.

The upshot is, they said okay – billed us for 4 more months in Colorado (where again, there is no service in the mountains). In addition, they charged us over 400.00 in early termination fees! They sent this bill to our old address, then referred us to collections, who have called non stop.

I paid the 1.5 months that would have been due, but refused to pay the other months and fees. I wrote the collection agency as well as T Mobile, and in the letter I formally advised that under no circumstances were they to call the house, or speak with my husband (he has Angina and suffered a heart attack which means try to keep all stress from him). The agency supervisor, a Mrs. Brown, called me and threatened that “You (meaning me) either pay the full amount today, or she would call my house and talk with my husband”.

She did so, and caused a three day bed rest for him…. I thought it was illegal to charge for early term fee’s if you live outside any nearby coverage, AND, these extra months are crazy. Third, do they have the right after formal notice, to call the house like that? How can I get this resolved?

I called T Mobile after the Collections agency calling my husband at home – they said T Mobile has no jurisdiction over the account, as it had been referred to a collection agency’. Is that true? I am at my wits end! My husband is disabled, we live on a fixed income so we cannot just throw money at them to clear this up (especially since its not our debt per the contract), and we followed the rules to cancel the service to begin with.

The company that is collecting is very threatening, as the threats pertain to my husbands health. Thanks for any information or advice.

I was told to sue the collection agency and t mobile, but that would I think, stress my husband even more.....

Review about: Tmobile Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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thank you Advice for explaining how this works. good information for everyone who reads this!


I have Tmobile.. I guess I won't be canceling early.. O_O

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #39670

As a T-mobile employee I can say that it is absolutely true. Once an account goes to collections we can no longer handle the accounts.

It actually under our Billed Charges screen (which usually has your bills) is greyed out and we can not even pull up any charges that may have been there at one point. A big thing to remember even when canceling your account is to update your current address. If you address would have been current you would have received the final bill in which you could have caught the ETFs. When you move to a new area and you do not get coverage you do absolutely have the right to cancel with out penalty.

There is a policy about that which states that we just need you to show proof of residency in the new area (like a utility bill, drivers license gov. issued id etc), and then we can cancel the account and adjust charges. The ETF would have easily been waived however because it was not caught in 3 months it transferred over to a collection agency as you have stated.

Best advice for this would be to contact your collection agency and ask for a collection dispute form, they will then work with T-mobile to help clear up your problem. Hope everything works out for you!

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