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T-mobile has become a very unresponsive with customer service. they haev overbilled for services, despite they verifying the same they refused to correct their bills and further more tack on re-stocking and cancellation fees.

We attempted time after time to seek an amicable resolution, with no avail.

Five years ago they trully were very good at providing excellent service, now they manipulate their billing techniques and cancellations to trully bilk consumers. This type of conduct must be stoped, how can a $ 600.00 bill become over $ 1,458.00 see more details at:

Monetary Loss: $858.

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I can find pages and pages of dissatisfied t-mobile customers all over the web all sharing the same issues and same complaints but yet no one does anything about them??? I thought cell phone providers are governed by the FCC? Do they not see or realize there is a major issue here??


They told me one day that they were offering a month of internet free, so i used the internet and it worked fine. The bill came at the end of the month and the bill was $328 compared to my $135 bill, i was pissed, i called to complain and they told me there was nothing they could do. Customer service is terrible.

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