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Copy of email to RIM (Blackberry)

To whom it may concern:

I have had a blackberry 8320 for about 2 years. The first one (Gold) lasted about 6-8 months until it started the following: 1. going from bright, to dim, to bright, etc.... while the phone was set properly to stay bright, 2. shutting down in the middle of any task, and then re-booting only after removing the battery and re-inserting, 3. scrolling (acting like it is working on something) when i am just viewing, playing the brick breaker game, or any other task, causing disruption in viewing or using the phone.

I have had 3 replacements since this original phone and they all do the same thing (except I do not have to remove the battery to get it to re-boot), causing much disruption when attempting to use the phone, etc....

After working with T-Mobile throughout this series of events, it came to a head with T-Mobile telling me that it is your (RIM) problem and I should contact you. I have tried updating, using new SIM card, batteries, and anything else to figure out how I can get a phone that works. At this point T-Mobile is forcing me to upgrade and pay for another phone with 2 year contract in order to get rid of the problem.

As a T-Mobile for over 6 years, I find it insulting, and a rip-off for them to suggest that I spend more money, when I have been paying for services that are not being rendered by T-Mobile.

At this point I am filing complaints against T-Mobile and RIM with the California State Attorney General, and the FCC, unless this can be resolved. I am asking for your help. I think the Blackberry is a good device, but am being misled by T-Mobile.

Can you please help me?

Thank you

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