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I rec'd a colletion letter re: my T-Mobile acct. I called T-Mobile cust. serv. The woman on the phone repeatedly told me my acct. had not been sent to collections, it could not, did not happen. And yet I had the notice in my hand. I asked repeatedly to speak to someone who might be able to explain. She several times offered to xfr me to another rep. who could only offer the same explanation as she had. She was very rude.

I called the collection agency, they told me my account was current and that the notice was just a final warning. Also something T-mobile said couldn't have happened.

THEN I got two notices from T-Mobile saying to call them because my customer service password had been changed. I called and was told that password had not been changed but that "special instructions" had been added. She could not read these instructions to me, but checked with her supervisor. There had been "inappropriate comments" added to my acct. that should not be in there. Her supervisor removed them and will report the orig. care rep for inappropriate actions.

Round and round. Incorrect notices sent. witchy first rep who offered NO help and entered "inappropriate comments" onto my account.

Not what I would call customer Service.

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