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was a customer of T-Mobile for over 11 years. Moved, changed number over the last 3 yrs no coverage a mile from my home, spent over 12 hrs trying to get the caller id for my T-Mobile cell number to display my name instead of last person who had my now number this was over a span of 2 1/2 yrs and it was never resolved.

So I went on a no contract plan in april of 09 paid $35 to switch over was told my existing contract ended in Oct09. Switched to another company in July10 they are trying to charge me a $200 cancelation fee for canceling my contract. I DON'T HAVE A CONTRACT. Had to argue with the person and then told me it would be 72 hrs to see if they would cancel the $234 charge.

I am now 3 days past the payment date and they are burning up my home phone number. T-Mobile reps lie and change the term of your contract, can't find anything in the records that they keep on purpose to their benefit to charge you fees that you do not owe.

Run away from this company do not purchase a T-Mobile plan/phone go with an honest phone company. T-Mobile is not reputable anymore.

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I joined T-Mobile in 2003 and at that time, they had great service. Now, they have deteriorated into a "drain your bank account company" because of their finanical woes.

Some bright boys at the top concocted a $20 disconnect fee if you are a few days late on your bill to reconnect it. It is NOT a late charge, which usually runs $1.29 but a reconnect fee they have conjured up. It is definetly a scam to generate revenue. I never used to pay a reconnect fee but in June and July of 2012, they charged me $60.

Then, they tried to charge me another $20 in August until I went off on them and they reversed it. They are definitely experiencing financial problems. When I asked what is their policy concerning when service is terminated - 45 days; 48 days, they could not give me an answer because they have none. They will hit you up just as quickly as possible is the correct answer.

I am going to lodge a complaint to the federal government concerning this scam they have going.

Bottom line: stay away from T-Mobile, as they will drain your bank account. No wonder people are leaving in droves.


T-Mobile is terrible.


I was T-mobile customer over 7 years. Customer service sucks.

They do notresolve your issues instead threaten you to death. I moved to new jersey and complained my house do not have coverage. They did nothing to look into my problem. My bills exceeded 300 minutes and I asked to give me details of usage.

They never gave me the details of my usage instead threatened me to pay the bills. Customer service Deptt do not solve your problem instead will only threaten you. I canceled my service and moved to Verizon.

Do not ever become customer with T Mobile. They are blood suckers

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