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I changed from T-Mobile to AT&T on July 18th and was still on T-Mobile for an extra 8 days into their billing cycle. They charged me for the whole month.

Called customer support and they said they do not pro-rate charges and it's in their legal notice to charge for the whole cycle. That is a blatant rip off, customers do not know about this and I was a loyal customer for years.

I do not feel telecommunication companies have a right to charge for services that you are no longer receiving. They are out to get as much money out of consumers as they possibly can.

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Sun City West, Arizona, United States #956524

T-Mobile is the worst company ever! I cancelled my service mid-month and still got charged for the whole billing cycle. That is theft and/or fraud!!!


Most companies state that in their terms and considtions it seems that with enough deidctaion and being a couple days into the new cycle seem to get the proration then and only then otherwise hope to get a cancelation person who will tell you that in advanced and try to keep in mind to cancel at the end before the next one so you get the full month of use at least it sucks but they are strict on policy

Houston, Texas, United States #621816

When washed the phone and canceled the line, they sad they had to wait until the billing cycle to do so. I had to pay for approximately 8-10 days for service I didn't use or have. T-Mobile works everything into their favor.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #614469

Thank you Tatiana!! The first person I called refused to prorate the charge when I ported out my number 5 days into the billing cycle.

I filed a complaint with BBB and then found this post and called back and mentioned my contract started in 2007.

The guy prorated my bill. Now I have to close the complaint I just filed...

to Maggie #834661

Where is Tatianas post?


I have the same problem they wanted to charge me for the full month of service. I request a manager on the line, ask nicely for an option to cancelled my service without paying another bill cycle.

The option is request a convertion to tmobile monthly there is no charge for it and this process will prorate your bill.

Then you get a $5 credit for the tmobile monthly with no use on the lines. It will be up to you to use the service or not.


Same, thanks Tatiana. Recently switched four days into the cycle.

I called after I received the bill, and was connected to what seemed to be a very sweet, young gal from a foreign country, with an almost posh accent, stating, "this was the policy." After a few questions from me, where she read seemingly nonsensically from a script at times, we were conveniently disconnected. I read Tatiana's advice. Called back. They prorated.

Politeness all around. Thank you.


It's almost 2013 and T-Mobile is still pulling this same baloney. I learned this policy went into place around two years ago (maybe a bit more).

I have been a customer for 10 years and switched in the middle of my contract to Verizon for an iPhone. I actually re-upped my contract in May of 2012 because I thought I was going to stay with them, and was fully prepared to pay the Early Termination Fee upon switching. I learned they were trying to charge me a full month billing cycle (5 days in) on top of the ETF but I was able to get my last bill prorated by telling them I was never told of this policy when my contract was re-upped. I pressed my ETF fee was fully explained, but there was zero mention of the full billing cycle payment, otherwise I would have switched at the end of my billing cycle.

Don't let them say "it is your responsibility to know your terms before canceling" because IT IS THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO TELL YOU OF ANY TERM CHANGES.

Since I signed on way before this policy change and they never properly notified me of it, they prorated the bill. Hope this helps.

Studio City, California, United States #583035

I was 1 day in the billing cycle and they charged me full month. Called in and the first call the rep wouldn't do anything.

Called again and got another rep and she credited me the whole thing. I guess it depends on who you talk to.


I recently ported my three numbers two days into my billing cycle and was charged for the full month. I called to dispute using the info Tatiana gave (you can find the terms and conditions online for t-mobile) and I got a credit for the portion of the month I was not a subscriber. Thanks Tatiana!!


We have had the same issue. Contract ran from 2009 to nov 2011.

In dec 2011 after informing t-mobile we moved to a different carrier.

During the time with t-mobile, our payments were automatic and never missed any. After we moved got a bill for the month of december ( no tmobile service during that time) and when we did not pay, they sent it to collections.


I used tattiana's advice, she is a genius! I called they gave me a bunch of *** about porting fee even though i was only three days into the billing cycle.

I read tattiana's advice called back ended up paying $8 intead of $90, their is nothing about porting fee's in the terms and agreement that you sign before 7/10. Im pumped


My contract was in March 2010, so i used the online chat, and the representative doesnt know what she was doing. As the end, she finally reallized my contract was under 2008 and she says that Article 5 states that tmobile has the right to change without notice..*&^^^%#. really an unfair practice...


I followed Tatiana's advice and was able to get about 75% of my bill refunded. That and thank goodness I got a rep who was actually willing to listen and work with me.

Up until now I felt like I was being treated like a *** for not calling TMobile to let them know I was switching carrier. I have changed carriers several times and have never been hit with a "porting fee", which amounts to "we're taking your money because you dare leave our crappy business." I had no problems at all with TMobile until now. I didn't even know they were owned by Telekom Deutche. That's too bad because I had a good experience with TMobile until now.

They are moving 9 of their U.S.

call centers overseas. Having been through that kind of experience before it explains why customer service quality has gone down the drain and many of the reps are probably really pissed off that they are losing their jobs.


Just wanted to add that I used Tatiana's advice and ended up paying $5 or so instead of the full amount.


Definitely do not pay the full month's fee's if you fall under June 28, 2008 Terms and Conditions or prior! I researched and applied Tatania's advise!

Check the terms and conditions you fall under. If under the June 28, 2008 or prior Terms and Conditions, you "might" have to pay the charges.

Only the two most recent Terms and Conditions state anything about paying the full month's charges! Thanks Tatania for your advise!


Thank you thank you thank you for the info on the contract changes! I just had to 2 conversations with tmo in the last 30 minutes.

One person telling there is absolutely no way to not pay my normal $126 fee for 2 days of service since my billing cycle started on the 4th and today is the 6th.

#$#$% Then I read these comments, called back, read paragraph 3 from my June 2008 contract agreement and they said my line will be disconnected in 2 hours and I will only pay for 2 days of service. SERIOUSLY that is so frustrating, but I am glad not to be over $100 for absolutely nothing!!


did exactly what tatiana said.... and it worked!!!!


The clause in the agreement is not a fair business practice. I had the same problem, but was not on a contract (only paid month to month).

I was forced to pay for an extra month when i cancelled, but was determined to get my money back. I filed a complaint with the BBB and about a month later received a refund from T-Mobile for the part of the month i didn't use


Thank you Tatiana! I had a simular situation, charged for full month for 7 days.

They credited me $85 from a $116 bill. Work excatly as you stated.

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