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I have been charged a fee for shipping that Customer Support refuses to reimburse or credit. This was for a replacement phone to be shipped to me when mine stopped working.

UPS (not my choice of carrier) failed to deliver the phone correctly for 4 delivery tries - I finally got it 8 days after the initial delivery attempt. I think T-Mobile should not pay for the delivery service and I should not be charged. It was a very frustrating experience. Not only that, but Customer Support was so unhelpful and unsympathetic when I called to contest the charge.

I felt really unvalued and disappointed in the company.

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I have been a t-mobile customer for four years and an employee for three and a half. Kelley is 100% correct in her numbers, I can tell she works for our company also. This is not a t-mobile issue, it is a UPS issue and you need to take it up with them.


Okay, I'd like to comment that out of all of the cell carriers that there are in USA, T-Mobile is by FAR the BEST in Customer Service, they received S-E-V-E-N JD Powers and Associates award *voted on by T-Mobile's Customers* for their excellent Customer Service. Your shipping cost may have been $9.95 +tax BUT the company covered the other 3.50 for your shipping aaaannnnddd the return shipping, they also covered the cost of your replacement phone.

Replacement phones cost their company millions and millions of dollars a year. You also had the option of going to a t-mobile location and receiving a loaner phone while you were waiting to receive your replacement. Yes, it is stressful to have to wait to get a new phone and yes it is frustrating that UPS was unable to get the package delivered upon first attempt but you're being absolutely ridiculous in saying that T-Mobile didn't care about your issue at all and that they would train their employees to make errors on your account. T-Mobile cannot control UPS *another company entirely* and force them to deliver your package without signer.

After your first delivery attempt you could've had UPS deliver the package to an alternate address if you weren't going to be able to be home during the time of day the package was delivered. T-Mobile cannot tell you what time of day UPS delivers in your area, that was bad customer service on UPS' part, not T-Mobile's.. complain about the right company.

Stop being such a whiner and be thankful for the services that are provided to you, there are a lot worse things that could go on in the world for you than having your cell phone arrive late and having to pay $10 for the shipping. Gosh, stop being a pansy.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #39654

What these things forget to tell you is that T-Mobile does not charge for shipping both ways. They replace the phone for free, ((some of these phones retailing at over a few hundred dollars!!)) and also pay one side of the shipping.

It's unfortunate you did not get your phone right off, but its because UPS needs to make sure that someone is there to accept the package so that no one else steals it! (Because then you have much bigger problems on your hands!) Once again- every cell company has this policy- Not just T-mobile.

At Tafilah, At Tafilah, Jordan #37352

T-Mobile is an unethical, uncaring, bunch of phony’s who are trained & willing to defraud the public with every call they receive. Unfortunately, T-Mobile is more interested in getting your dollar than providing good customer service.

It's called GREED and Corporate America is entrenched in this behavior. Each state has a regulatory agency which is empowered to oversee telecommunications but where are they when you need them? Hopefully you filed a complaint if for no other reason than to make T-Mobile spend (more than the $18. To respond to your complaint.

We all need to send letters (and a copy of your complaint) to your representatives (politicians). Request an answer. It’s an unfortunate sign of the times because we as Americans have become too complacent and allowed politicians to sell us out. Remember they get money from big business to support their campaign(s) so they look the other way while this Corporate Greed is allowed to rob each and every one of us.

Politicians have sold US out - just look at Wall Street today. It’s time to ask them to do something for you.

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