My phone service with T-mobile cancelled & ported to another provider on 8/12/10 billing date was 8/8/10 4+ days into the month and this month I've received another bill for full month bill I've contacted T-mobile and complaint about this, they have indicated there is nothing they can do that is just the way T-mobile charging their customer or ex-customer per company's policy.T-mobile should have just charged me for 5 days instead of full month billing & I was on unlimited loyalty plan + web. they have also charged me $20 for a new sim card when calls kept dropping out on my cell phone, I've been with T-mobile nearly 5 years, I just wanna put the words out so that everyone who reads this will know, T-mobile I will never ever use your service again!!! and you'll also loose 3 more lines with my brother's family when their contract expires...

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i switched to sprint from tmobil on july 9th. everything transferred ok.

the end of my bill cycle for which it was due was also the 9th. i paid that bill early, plus i paid a phone off before switching. tmobil kept billing me over the next month. how can i be billed when i dont habe a number.

i expect an equip fee due on one phone. which was like 120.


I cancelled 24 April 2016 and they charged me for 24 April to 25 May!!! Got the problem resolved though and here's what happened: T-Mobile does have all of their terms and conditions listed from previous year so figure out which one you would have signed.

I found out I signed on Oct 13, 2013 so I didn't fall under the terms effective for October 20, 210- instead I fell under the one for Dec 30, 2011. Section 3 talks about owing the entire new bill cycle but you are exempted if you're a month to month customer. Whereas the latest terms and conditions for 2016 talk about T-Mobile being the un carrier and if you are in any bill cycle and cancel service you're liable for the entire bill cycle. Since I was month to month under previous terms and conditions, I was exempted.

I had to call in, got transferred 3 times and the last guy I talked to said he'd waive 50% of the cost. I told him I wasn't looking to get a handout, I just didn't understand why I was being charged for a full month cycle that I didn't use since I fell under the old terms.

He looked again and waived the bill. A headache but worth the $220.


How did that turn out?

Anaheim, California, United States #1091376

Yep that just happened to me too. We've been customers for 15 years.

We are 7 days into our month but have to pay for the full month. I too will NEVER go back to T Mobile.

First there coverage is not as good as Verizon and AT&T and this last zing didn't make me happy. It seems to me that everyone that has this experience will also be left angry so they are going to lose customers.

San Francisco, California, United States #937968

I had the same issue with ATT. I don't see how this is legal.


I have the same problem. I have to leave T-mobile due to my work place doesn't have good signal.

I never have any problem with T-mobile until now they are trying to cheat me off. When my account applied in only one day of my cycle, but they charged me a full cycle. First of all, it is T-mobile agent fault to cause my cancellation ended in my new cycle. My contract end in July 28th, so i want to make sure my contract is end and my new services can transfer at July 29th...due to bad services of T-mobile delayed my cancellation until August 2nd, this is when my new cycle started.

So, i think they did this on purpose to charge me another full. In the future if T-mobile signal getting better, i wouldn't come back at all. I been with T-mobile for at least 10 years, never expect T-mobile would do something like to any of us.

After i read all these comments, now i know. Think before you do the decision.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #837477

I just posted my number from tmobile to Verizon. I had to leave tmobile because I had no coverage at my job.

I was one day into the new billing cycle when I left tmobile. I got the bill for $112. that's right $112 for 1 day of service!! You have got to be kidding me.

I called them, they refused to take the charges off. Why don't they prorate like the utility companies and cable companies do? I know why....because tmobile has poor business practices. I wont be paying this bill.

I filed a complaint with the better business bureau. We will see how this turns out.


I had this happen to me recently and thanks to all the posts in this thread and other forums, I managed to get my bill reduced to the "pro-rated" amount, before I canceled mid-cycle.

Still, I think it's a shame and disappointing that T-Mobile would put such a clause in their contract.

It's sneaky, and a poor business practice to bill your customers for unused service!!!

I was their customer for 10 years and had nothing but good things to say about them until now. This has left a sour taste in my mouth and I would never recommend T-Mobile to any of my friends or family again.

Edmond, Oklahoma, United States #822067

They did the same to me 3 days into my following billing cycle, and claimed it was a "number portability fee". I told them it was a bloody sham and threatened to file suit if they sent it to collections. After about three months of steady screaming, they finally dropped the whole affair.

San Bruno, California, United States #801994

i had the same thing happen to me they still sending bills to me


We should file a class lawsuit against tmobile. I shouldn't have to pay for services I did not used. If anyone knows a lawyer that woul take the case let us know

Altus, Oklahoma, United States #620854

Me too... Two months ago T-Mobile billed me for the full month when I ported out half way through the billing cycle.

I should have checked. Bad on me. But who would think you would be charged for a service you didn't use? You would think they would realize the bad customer relations they create with this "policy".

It is an excellent way to ensure people DON'T come back to T-mobile.

Talk about a bad exit interview... Live and learn.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #612178

We have been with T-mobile for 11 years and just switched to another carrier this week. Our son's phone's contract ended this past Saturday, which was also the last day of our billing cycle.

We called to find out when we could cancel and they said after the 16th (same day my son's contract ended). They never mentioned that they would charge for the full month. After calling this morning about this and getting nowhere, I searched online and found this and numerous other forums of complaints from people dealing with the same issue. I have called back twice now trying to use the information others here have used and I still get nowhere.

They say that the current terms and conditions say they charge for a full month, and that's what applies, not the terms from when we signed with Tmobile originally. So, even though the 2 days we were legitimately with T-mobile were a Sunday and President's day, we will be charged for a full month.

What scam artists! BBB next...


Thanks to the info on this site, I was able to get a credit back of $119 and TMobile agreed to prorate the service I had for 8 days vs. entire month.

to Jo Seattle, Washington, United States #596456

Hi Jo,

I got charged for the full month eventhough I ported out 10 days into the cycle. How did you manage to get a refund if you don't mind me asking?

I called them and they were no help.

I was thinking about filing a BBB complaint. Thank you for any info


Same issue as many others. I switched accounts after 10 years as a customer,ONE DAY after the new billing cycle started.

Got a bill for $126. Said WTF?

Called customer service and got a really nice CR who didn't even wait for me to complain, just escalated to a manager right away and got permission to waive all charges. Maybe they are learning their lesson from so many angry people.


I've had three phone conversations with Customer Service and two visits to the the store and they all say the same useless thing, "Sorry we'd like to help you but it's stated in the contract...."

However we all know this is a game and that T Mobile is greedy for money. It's funny because these companies all sing and dance to get you to sign up for service but once you're in , there's no loyalty or gratitude for being a long term customer.

Anyway, this is consumer fraud and tax fraud. I demanded that if I had to pay for service that I should get it, and they said we can't give it to you. How is that legal?

T Mobile is unwillinng to give you what you pay for?


Read your terms and conditions. Tmobile, Verizon, and Sprint all charge you till the end of the billing cycle even if you port your number out.

to Employee #611832

That is true. The current terms and conditions do specify this.

Now, why don't you read the older terms and conditions (aka, the ones that the customer in question actually signed). If you do that, you will see that the charging for a full month of service after the service is cancelled only applies when you are cancelling while under contract. Once the contract expires, there are no provisions in the t's&c's to cover this.

So, if you signed up in 2008, cancelled service once you are out of contract, and get billed for the full month, the service provider is in the wrong.

Of course, when you call up and complain, the drones in customer care will recite the current terms and conditions, giving no thought to what was actually in the terms and conditions that the customer signed.

It's not that they are lying or ***, they are just poorly trained. The employee who posted in this thread is a perfect example of it.

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