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I went to this store today to purchase a headset for my cell phone. I located the headset w/o assistance.

Some guy with a clipboard came up to me and asked if I needed help. I said no. I just needed to pay for the headset. He looked at his clipboard and said it would be while because there were nine people ahead of me.

I told him I did not need service or any other help. I just needed to give someone my $20. He said no, that does not work because he only has two sales reps (apparently, not including him) and they were the only ones who could ring up my sale. I asked if this meant I had to wait for the other nine to select phones, service plans, etc.

and he said yes. That was why he told me the wait would be so long. I informed him that in the three minutes it took him to explain the ridiculous system to me, he could have taken my money and had a satisfied customer. Now, he just has an angry customer w/o a headset who will not speak kindly of T-Mobile.

T-Mobile, is it really worth it? Shouldn't you train your in-store people to "think outside the box" when it comes to customer service?

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I had a T-MOBILE Rep call my daughter asking hee if she wanted to sell her phone. I didn't know they were aloud to do

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