I signed a 2 yr contract with T-mobile on Dec. 2008. Since then, I have had nothing but problems. My original phone had major issues with dropped calls. T-Mobile switched out 2 of the same phone (model; Behold). After I switched the 2nd Behold, they would NOT give me a different phone--even though there were major issues with that particular model. They said, they can only switch out a phone for the same exact model- any other phone I would have to pay for. I then paid $160 in Aug. 2009 for my current Blackberry 8900. This morning I woke up with a white-faced screen. After calls, online chat, and tech support conversations lasting more than 5 hours (on Thurs, Feb. 4 2010), they tell me I can switch out the phone for another same exact one (refurbished). T-Mobile acknowledges ALL issues with my phone are NOT user error--they ARE problems with the devices and manufacture's defects. I will be without a phone for the next 5 days- as I await for another Blackberry to most likely break in the next few months. Moreover, they say I can put down a deposit and use a "loaner" phone-- a $10 piece of junk phone with no internet access. I pay top dollar for my monthly service fees---have they ever pro-rated my monthly charges? NO!

I own 2 businesses- one of them being online, I cannot afford to be switching out a phone every couple of months. This is outrageous.

My wife and I would LOVE to switch carriers, but T-Mobile demands we pay early termination fees of over $400. They say, our issues with their phones is no reason to allow termination without payment. They said we can have an infinite amount of defective phones, and we are still under contract for 2 years.

All in all, I would give a solid estimate of my hours spent with customer service totaling more than 20 hours, and no phone for 4 weeks.

T-Mobile should be ashamed of the way they do business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tmobile Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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You're lucky they even agreed to switch out the phones! I left Sprint to escape the problems I am now having with T-MObile. I sent a letter to their customer complaint office, but also sent the same letter to the Man in Bellevuew.


had problems with there phone took to store to get fixed they don.t know how to fix all know how to do is change sim card


Long delays in phone service and web sucks have free phone from goverment works better than there service


Stay away from t mobile there cancel policy is 14 days that tells it all pure garbage


Awww, sorry to hear that they should have offered you a multiple handset exchange

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