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It is ridiculous how bad the service is with tmobile. Everything that can go wrong with the phone will go wrong.

With my blackberry I had issues with the lighting. The phone one day just went dim on the left side. I sent it back and got another phone. Then I had more problems.

The menu now only shows icons as oppossed to icons with names. Now I have been noticing that my text messages and call log has been erasing by itself.

Then tmobile blames you like you created the phone.

They should go out of business because they suck! PISSED :(

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go to "options" then "status" if your free memory shows 0% then thats the reason texts and logs are erasing. theres not enough memory. once you free up some memory your messages and logs shouldnt erase.

Stonegate, Colorado, United States #20646

:cry, Maybe you should contact RIM the manufacturer of the Blackberry. T-Mobile just provides the cell service on the phone, they don't manufacture the phone.

Stevenson, Alabama, United States #1807

:roll No phone company can back a phone the consumer screws up after it leaves the store..... do you blame your cable company for your tv not working properly?

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