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Recently we have gotten a new phone from T-MOBILE that should have been a family plan but so I can get a bigger discount we agreed to pay 1 line as an individual line for 1 month and guess what upto now after how many months they been charging me the other line as an individual line so thats an additional 30 dollar monthly we call theyalways make a mistake,and apologize for it.I said that feels like a conspiracy I'm losing money because your costumer representative made an error informing us that someone call for our line to be separated Are we that *** ,to call them so we will pay more,they are a big company so Im not sure if thye train their costumer representative to made errors so the company earn more at the consumer behalf after all the charges that they normally add in a bill they still have to have trained people to make error and make them richer some more,I will never want to be a part of this company ,its like a parasite sucking whatever it can suck,they always apologize but Im losing money for their errors,T MOBILE IM PISSED and ALL will KNOW

Review about: Tmobile Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I will also dido that last comments. As consumers, you have to be aware of all charges (open the bill!

its just paper) a company bills for. Dont be mad sweety b/c you failed to be responsible and call before you paid three mos of service not used. ALOT of people regardless of customers, employees, CEOS, Drs, etc...dont understand the responsibility they have.

Its nt always the companies fault and vice verse. And yes...Ive been dum and made these same mistakes but I dont complain and throw a fit....I just learn from my mistakes and make sho it doesnt happen again




I completely agree. You can say all you want about unreliable phones but t-mobile doesn't manufacture them, the MANUFACTURER does, so go complain to them.

It's more often than not USER ERROR that causes things to go wrong with an account and in your case, I can see that is most likely true. You say it feels like a conspiracy!!! ha ha ha ha!!!

:grin stop being so paranoid, the whole world isnt out to get you. lol.

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None of these complaints are true at all. I have been with T-Mobile for years now and I have gotten nothing but excellant customer service.

They also have the lowest prices out of any major cell company! The reason you would have been charged that seperate plan for continuous months is because you never called back to change it most likely. For your information Tmobile trains their customer care representatives for 8 weeks- and they know their stuff. Most of the people complaining are just mad because they do not want to pay their bills and feel the company should just give them everything for free.

If you haven't noticed out of the millions of customers the company has only a few complain- they have won 7 JD Power awards in a row for their excellant service! Hello- wake up and smell the coffee here ppl!

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