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Many motels, hotels, coffee shops etc, have a deal with T mobile and offer the "T mobile hotspot" card, sometimes labeled "powered by Fast Card". It is a heinous ripoff. The language of the card is aimed to deceive. There is fine print that states: "your prepaid account will expire 24 hours after the first login at a TMobile hotspot location or one year from your purchase date, whichever occurs first".

Obviously you could read that one of two ways in the English language:

1 - You could interpret it as you have 24 hours of acccumulated use and you don't run out of minutes on the card until you have surfed for a total of 24 hours and the offer is valid for one year.

2 - You lose the 10.50 depending upon tax within 24 hours.

Obviously, those who speak and grasp the English language will interpret it the former. I was logging off quickly and only used about 15 minutes on the card because I understood that you had a year to use up the 24 allotted hours on the card.

Furthermore, you would never feel that any "reputable", established business would do business with the intent to deeply deceive and steal from the purchaser. If you interpret it the latter way, TMobile should have a sign in ENORMOUS letters stating "YOU MUST USE THIS CARD CONTINUOUSLY FOR TWENTY-FOUR HOURS. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS CARD IF YOU ONLY USE THIS CARD FOR YOURSELF". It is obvious that the only way the card would be of any use to the customer is if your family works in six to eight hour "shifts" because you will not have access to the internet within 24 hours from the time you log in.

You still are ripped off: you do not get your money's worth as, extended out, you pay 300/month for internet access!!!! Logging in is aggravating enough because the card usually will not work. You have to call customer service, which is no easy task because the number is printed so infinitesimally small, you can scarcely read the number. My recommendation is to NEVER use a so-called service to the consumer that directs you to a TMobile or any advertising webpage. By the way, I confirmed with customer service that you get 24 hours, even if you take a year to use up the 24 hours allotted. Therefore, customer so-called service lied.

You should be able to go directly online without having to put up with a third party website before you can use the internet. The intent of TMobile is to deceive. This is a scheme to skim the buying public. All motels, hotels, coffee shops, hostels, restaurants, etc. are put on notice to never make a deal with TMobile. You will get a reputation as a ripoff joint. Of course, some places don't care. A good example is Starbucks. Starbucks advertises that you have free internet access. After you have bought your coffee and cake, you try to connect and find that is in cohoots with TMobile to get $30.00/month out of you. That is lying!!!

Doubtless, there are many victims of this scam by:

1 - you couldn't get online but TMobile said you were logged in and all of your minutes are gone in 24 hours.

2 - You used the web for ten or fifteen minutes. Twenty-four hours later, you can't get online.

3 - Before I forget, customer service will LIE to you saying "it states clearly...". No, it states clearly that you have a year of usage so long as your 24 hours of purchased internet accesss are not used up. We know the English language. TMobile uses the English language to deceive and bleed the public. A further abomination by TMobile is the obvious callousness involved. What if you need the internet? Tmobile does not care. Power outage? Tmobile does not care! This scheme is as evil as the mob. TMobile's intent is to bear false witness and skim consumers. You've been warned: DON'T USE THE T-MOBILE HOTSPOT CARD OR ANYTHING T-MOBILE "OFFERS" UNTIL THEY REFUND ALL THE CUSTOMERS THAT THEY HAVE SURREPTITIOUSLY AND SLEAZILY STOLEN FROM!!!! This is a scam. If Tmobile did this in China, Tmobile heads would be charged, tried, convicted and placed before a firing squad. Tmobile is a scam.

4 - To any who defend the T-mobile abomination, get off! Read the URL of this website. Thou shalt not bear false witness. For defending thieves in China, you would be charged, tried, convicted and shot. You remember what I say to you.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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