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IN January or 06 I had to go to Chicago for a Family emergency. I was there for a week.

While there I had the worse reception and coverage in any of my phones. I tried to complain about dropped calls and other problems, but I could never get through. When I got my bill it was $200, vs the normal $50.00. they charged me for 55 minutes.

I counted 65+ minutes that calls were dropped and calls were lost since I had to recall them. (I had 4 calls in one minute) They offered a 25 dollars in credit. That was all she can do, I asked for a supervisor and got the same statement.

I then asked them if they knew what mail fraud was? They said what did that have to do with it.

I said by placing this fraudulent bill in the US mail, they had committed mail fraud. And when they tried to extort more money than was supposed to be done, they became part of the mail fraud. I needed their full name so I can give it to the Federal Agents. They hung up.

remember if anyone sends you a bill and it has falsehoods and they refuse to fix it, or they know it does (It is common to over bill on cell phone.) It is mail fraud.

Look IT Up.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Anyone saying diffrent is the 1 caller that got hold of a caring person..

tmobil needs to do what Dell started doing. After a call from a customer a supervisor would get on the phone and confirms your feelings about the way you were treated.


These are answers to

Untrue my friend: Since I was a guest and did not have access to a land line, like most people do now, I was unable to call them each time it happened. I did try several times while there, but it was either busy left me on hold for 15 mintutes at a time, or never picker up.

Wow: Here is the definition of Mail fraud: Mail fraud is an offense under United States federal law, which refers to any scheme which attempts to unlawfully obtain money or valuables in which the postal system is used at any point in the commission of a criminal offense. Mail fraud is covered by Title 18 of the United States Code, Chapter 63.

Since you may have some problems understanding the big words, here is the short version. You place anything in the mail, bill, request for payment, threat, into the mail, that is fraudulent, it is mail fraud. Since on the bill, they were billing me 3 minutes for the same one minute of time, that is fraud. It would be like what they are doing now for people leaving the US, and going to Europe. They are saying they are using their phones, and have to pay $500 to $1000 bills.

Really?: If you have 100,000 clients and you cheat them out of $1 a month, how much do you make in excess profit? Look at the credit card companies and how they are getting caught for illegal charging for late fees that were not suppose to be there. And now that they are caught they are having to find new ways to steal from their clients. As for Crying for me, I am one that checks my bills, most people just pay them. Also I have worked for retail stores for over 20 years of my life, when this happened I was a Manager at COMPUSA. What happened to me happened to 50% of the people and I went backed and check my past bills and found out they had done it on a lower scale.


I have worked in a retail store for 7 years and i have NEVER heard something so *** in my life... And i once had a girl hand me wet phoneand insist there was no liquid damage... Im so sorry you feel so wronged but i really dont think such a big company is out to get you min, by min :cry


You sir are ***. A bill is not mail fraud, I would have laughed at you before ending the call.

You are not a lawyer and I don't recommend considering a career change. McDonalds should treat you just fine for years and give you plenty of time to try to figure out another scam.

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One big thing companies look for in situations like these is - did you try to correct the problem. If you would have called in during that time from a landline telling T-mobile the situation, they would have done troubleshooting.

Just having the proof of troubleshooting would have made them much more likely to give you more of a credit. In a case like this usually they credit for any dropped calls that they can see (same number a few times in a row within a few minutes.) Do not blame tmobile for your overage. You are given several ways to check your minutes such as, the automated system when contacting customer care, and also the easy #646#send from your cell.

T-mobile is even willing to go in and change your plan - EVEN backdate it to cover your overage as long as your bill cycle has not closed. They are very resonable and as long as you are being proactive about your account they are happy to help :o)

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